Chapter 5500
The maids had prepared a sumptuous breakfast in the huge dining room on the first floor. Christian and Merlin were extremely energetic as they sat at the dining table to devour this exquisite breakfast that was filled with a variety of dishes.

The elderly couple was not the only ones who felt that they had a particularly good sleep last night, but Christian and Merlin also felt the same way.

The two of them felt as if they had returned to their careless and energetic age when they were seventeen or eighteen years old. They could fall asleep immediately as soon as they lay on the bed after using up all their energy during the day.

When they saw the elderly couple arriving, they quickly stood up and greeted them. Christian asked with concern, “Mom, Dad, did the two of you have a good sleep last night?”

Lady Acker said excitedly, “We slept very soundly. I have good news for you. Your father actually remembers what happened yesterday!”

“Is that so?!” Christian was so shocked that he
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