The Elite Game

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The Elite Game

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The year **** civilization has been reformed in a way to maximize economic production. It was called the Golden Civilization. However that was just the front, the world was divided into two areas, the Destitutes and Humans, and the humans had class, splitting into various factions bearing code numbers that were assigned to them once they were born, a world where everyone knew their limits and can never cross a boundary beyond their ability, promotions, and housing is only possible if you have a breakthrough. On the other hand, the Destitutes were an unwelcome species that inhabited the earth, looked like humans, and yet fed on humans. The government saw this as a problem and decided to train men and women to fight for their planet, hence ALAB was founded. Academic Labyrinth for Ability Beat (ALAB) University is a school where humans are trained to maximize their abilities. Behind its prestige lies the dark brink that was accidentally unveiled. Annually, the students compete, not only academically but also in performance level, to replace any of the Elite Five. This year, Ande has gotten to the age to enroll in ALAB, unaware of what lies beneath, however, he is unlucky because a new course has begun, the current Elite Five's nightmare is just about to start as the ALAB University forces them to become experimental subjects of "The Elite Game." Can the Elite Five succeed in escaping from the dark brink of ALAB University or will no one among the five of them survive?

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Earth 2175….Mankind defined civilization as having power and attaining whatever one desired.That definition came into existence the day 'They' arrived.No one knew who or what they were. The only thing they knew was that an uninvited guest had suddenly arrived upon earth.'They' desired us!They were, the Destitutes…… Mankind's mortal enemy.They viewed humans as livestock!The government fought back, but it was useless. In the end, the earth was split in half; bearing the Destitutes on one side and Humans on another.However, it wasn't in man's nature to give up, as Project 101 embarked.The government's solution to gaining their beloved world back again was, to raise younger generations to be the defenders of our world. And so, the people were filtered as they separated the useful from the useless, placing humans on a hierarchy worse than financial status.Every human who had gone through the special training was weighed to determine who would protect, and those who would be pr
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Chapter 1. A Trapped Bird.
“You have thirty minutes to answer the questions, the person with the highest marks quality for entry. Good luck!”It's dead silent save the sound of an enormous ticking clock in the room.I'm not sure why it's there but it sure does help increase the tension. It always catches my eyes whenever I raise my head. The first page is a name page with clear instructions. Rule 1; We see you.Rule 2; We hear you. It's a clear threat just in case it crossed my mind to turn my neck. With deep breaths I brace myself and head for the next page, and then–“How was it,” mum asks the moment I slam the door shut. I sigh, murmuring under my breath, “I– don't want to talk about it, please not now.”Racing straight to my room I crash on the bed, and take a few moments to recount just how stupid I was.I want to forget it but I just can't.‘There's absolutely no way I'm getting in.’ *****Knock!Knock!!“Good morning Tad, what is it?” Mother curiously asks, pretty surprised to see our neighbor at o
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Chapter 2. All That Glitters isn't Gold.
As I walked down the path laid out before my eyes, along with several other students, I grinned ever so brightly.I had only dreamt of this day, but I never thought I would actually be accepted.‘The best chance to turn everything around… the best institute for learning that can guarantee me a better life…'“Tch! To think nobody like you got in as well.”Zane walks out from behind me, and I have to admit, I'm pretty impressed, I didn't think he had anything in that head of his. I chuckle, tapping him lightly on the shoulder, “I’m surprised they now admit failures, this is a real shocker don't you think.”“Hey!”His eyes are glaring at me with death threats, his fist tightly clenched, but all his actions were nothing if he couldn't do them. We were being watched, there was no way he'd be glad to return back to that hell.“You should be careful Zane, you're in Division one, who knows, they might get fed up with you and send you back.”That said I proceed inside the building, allowing
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Chapter 3. Can You Play?
"Alright, so first off is…" Something's off. I'm not sure if the others noticed what it is yet but I could smell a fish cooking. For the past three days after the announcement, it was fair enough to say we lived an abnormally normal life. Having breakfast, going to class. Having lunch, going to class. Having dinner and then bed time. The schedule went on over and over again. Our questions were shunned with a plain response of… 'wait till the weekend,' Which wouldn't be a problem except– We've been in a room without windows for days, and it was hard to tell night from day, not forgetting that there wasn't a clock in any room. The only time we were let out was during classes, just like now, that's how we monitor our time. "Master Zane, your partner will be Master Ande." Dammit, that's one bad idea. It just had to be that guy. I wore my fencing headgear, and swung my sabre to the left and right to massage my joints. Zane guy was emitting a competitive aura even with
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Chapter 4. Necessary Sacrifice.
"Yes."She answered very frankly. We paused. She's got to be kidding."Every Elite will have to choose a stick, the one who has the longest is the seeker, and the rest will have to hide. If you all succeed in hiding so well that the seeker will be unable to find anyone within five minutes, everyone will be safe and the seeker shall be disqualified from this academy.If you're caught, you go on to hiding, it'll go on until the end of the round, then, the seeker with the littlest catch will be disqualified.I hope you all have a nice time hiding.Yes."Without turning our heads, all eyes turned towards a fellow student, except, it was the other gender. "Then how about the real game ma'am?"She asked. "Ah yes."There was this smile Mrs Baker had that once again irked me like the smile on the headmaster did. I saw a terrifying delightful smirk reeking of pleasure as her lips widened upwards. Ekk! Creapy. "Students, please make your way to the game wheel over there, and when you're
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Chapter 5. Entangled Webs.
Ha~Did he just say someone died?While I stare engulfed with fear, Ethan frowns and throws a punch at my right shoulder. “Aren't you listening? Someone just died,” he yells. “I know that, I guess not everyone fell asleep then, someone who realized they were the killer must have pretended to pass out like the rest of us,” I told him. “Save your explanation for later, we have to move now!” “Where?”***With Ethan, we both race to the crime scene, the hall. Everyone already gathered, murmuring like flies as they stare at the scene. “I've got Ande, I guess we're all complete then,” Ethan says. I catch sight of a big screen in front of us bearing each of our pictures, a total of sixty students with two crosses out, I guess we're fifty-eight now. There's a timer underneath it, and I'm guessing that's how much time we have left to solve this puzzle. “Okay everyone–” a female calls out to everyone's attention. She looks well defined and carries an authoritative air around her. I d
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Chapter 6. To Catch A Victim.
Well isn't that thrilling. “We checked the body and discovered the reason for her death was drowning,” Felicia reveals, passing around a copy of the report.I took a glance at the report, “she had water in her lungs, and how does one drown when there are no swimming pools?” I ask. “The sink, they could have filled it up with water, I suppose,” Someone answers. “Correct,” Felicia reveals, “the injuries she sustained must have been while struggling to get her head out of the sink, I'm guessing it's because she tried to grab on to the edges of the sink.”“That'll make sense, except what bathroom though?” Another asked. “Excellent question, we've been running some investigation on all the sinks, in search of a clue but to our surprise the sink we found was at the boys locker room.”“What? That makes no sense why would she go there?” Zane yells, for once I'd have to agree with him though. “We're not sure, dead people tell no tales,” she jokes, although everyone found it rather disturb
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Chapter 7. A Small Price for Fame.
“Someone must have woken up shortly after her, seen what she was up to, killed her and made it seem like they were the murderer,” Austin says. “Well I guess that changes everything,” I proceed to leave my seat when my path is suddenly blocked by two arms. They didn't look so pleased with seeing me leave. “For now, but you're staying here, and so will the rest of you, the case is merely beginning.”Ugh! This is tiring. I slam the door shut behind me, barely able to remain standing, I crash unto my bed and take a deep breath. I hear the door open and close once again, Ethan walks in, his face staring down at me as he laughs. “Boy, you look like a walking corpse,” he says. Geez, thanks for the reminder. “Of course I do, they kept on interrogating me for hours, I didn't even get to eat dinner,” I tell him. “Sorry about that, but you know what they say, you can't be too careful.”I know he's trying to help but I'm certainly not liking what I hear. Sitting upright I can feel my
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Chapter 8. I Spy.
Ethan and I sit in our room, silent, perplexed, and out of words. Fear, entirely consuming us but the best thing to do at the moment was to keep calm. Sigh~I should have just stayed home, this is too much stress, and it's way worse than being stuck in Division Nine. Ding!“All students please prepare for class in one hour.”Once again, this just confirms that they want us to lose track of time, I guess this also means I've been up all night I bet the others are having a hard time as well. With no other option left, I drag myself out of bed, Ethan doing the same as we head straight for the shower room and arrive at the classroom. Everyone looked soulless like a walking corpse, yesterday's event and our near-death experience still fresh on our minds, to think we lost two students already. “Welcome to Robotics class, I will be your teacher for this semester, if there are any questions feel free to ask me I'll be pleased to answer your questions,” he says. The teachers–Now that I
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Chapter 9. Capital Punishment.
Note:For the sake of better reading, I'd be changing the tense to past tense. “You seriously can't jeopardize your life because of me,” our science teacher yelled in fear. “Who says I care about my life!”Once again, Dale was attempting to go for the kill with a gun aimed at the man's head. Sure he doesn't care about his life, but I didn't come here to die because of him.“Hey, cut it out, if you want to die so badly then go ahead and shoot yourself already,” I urged him. He clicked his tongue, and the gun in his hand began to waver as he seemed to have a change of heart. How the hell did he get a gun in the first place? I'm certain we weren't allowed to leave with our practice guns because they were real. “Perhaps y'all aren't sick of this dump but I am, this place is damn suffocating,” he yelled. “A teacher's life is at stake,” a voice suddenly echoed, “students are requested to neutralize the threat in three minutes otherwise face capital punishment.”Three minutes?Do they
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