Re; Hell Gate

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Re; Hell Gate

By: TheCrow OngoingGames

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Leiu, 24-years-old, is a person who is struggling between finding a decent job with regular income and providing care for his family. After spending a long time working part-time jobs, he finally has enough money to buy the new VRMMO game that's about to be released.This is a story about his adventures and progress in this new game.


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Chapter 1 : The First Day
Within Seoul, the capital of South Korea, there was a young man, with a frail body of about 175 cm in height and a pale face.His name was Leiu, 24-years-old and a part-timer. Although it was currently summer and the weather was a bit hot, he didn't look tired right now. Quite the opposite, in fact, he was excited. Not because his shift would end in half an hour, but because the new game, 'Hell Gate', will be released in three days.It's currently 2021, and Virtual Massive Multiplayer games have been publicly released 4 years ago.
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Chapter 2 : Azmarin Beginners' Village
'You have been transported in 'Azmarin beginner's village'The transportation didn't even last 10 seconds. He looked around and saw countless people, like literally endless people of various races and appearances.He couldn't even properly move, they were shouting and yelling here and there, some asking for help. Leiu couldn't believe what's happening right now."Searc
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Chapter 3 : Killing Rabbits
As Leiu headed deeper and deeper into the forest, the number of players lessened until there were only a dozen. It took him around twenty minutes to find a somewhat secluded spot to kill some monsters and finish his quests.On his way there, it was fortunate that he managed to finish the gathering quest. There were numerous 'Sun Snowberries' so it was kind of easy to complete the quest. No fighting was required.The spot he found was calm, there were enough monsters for him to get a feel of Virtual fighting. He didn't fight any mo
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Chapter 4 : Big Rabbit, Bad Rabbit
It was his first time seeing a level 5 rabbit, what's more surprising is its fast speed and large size; which was four to five times bigger than a normal Savage Rabbit. Furthermore, the normal rabbits, despite having a horn, looked a bit cute, but this one, it looked creepy and dangerous.After all, a cute hamster would not be cute if it's the size of a dog, unless someone's preferences are special...The sudden appearance of the rabbit startled Leiu, but the experience of almost 50 battles against rabbits taught him some things,
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Chapter 5 : Survival
Leiu was in a dilemma, he didn't know what to do at first, he wanted to go back to the village, but he ended up going deeper, and here he is stumbling upon a dangerous wolf.Forest Wolf Lv13Well, it's to be expected to meet a wolf in the beginning, most games like do this, however, Leiu was not confident to be able to beat him. First, because his gear was not that good, he didn't have armor, helmet or gloves, his experience is not enough for him
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Chapter 6 : Invincible
With no time to waste, Leiu dashed between the trees and bushes while breathing heavily, he knew that his stamina was depleted quickly in that hard fight, unlike with the big rabbit, which he kited and attacked without being hit, against the wolf, he barely won, he received a bloody wound too, it's fortunate he got a Health Potion, or else the blood would attract more beasts.While running and keeping an eye on his behind, Leiu never stopped, but even after 5 minutes, he could still hear the howls of 3 wolves, chasing after him, what was worse is that the distance is shortening by the second, they were very persistent and didn't give up even after chasing him for a couple of minutes.Moreover, Leiu's clothes were filled with blood from the injury, and that precisely attracted the wolves and made them chase him even more, the smell made them even hungrier, he also killed their comrade, so there is no way they would stop chasing him.Two more minutes passed, Leiu finally stopped running,
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Chapter 7 : Classes
After one final look at his stats, Leiu got up and started roaming the forest to locate the beginner's village, and that took him 1 hour, he spent a whole hour to get out of the thick forest tree, find other players and finally find the beginner's village.The first thing he did was obviously finish the quests, well technically, he already finished them, he just had to go to the person who gave him the quest and get the experience and the reward.The first quest he returned was the one that needed him to gather snowberries.Read more
Chapter 8 : Class Quest
Leiu was surprised as most of the classes were special, he really didn't expect this, he didn't do anything that special so he was startled to see so many good choices.It's a pity he didn't know that what he did what practically impossible, who is crazy enough to hunt Bees and Rabbit for several hours? For most people, it's a waste of time.The choice was hard, it's like putting several types of delicious cakes in front of you and telling you to only chose and eat one, it was that kind of situation.

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Chapter 9 : First Trial
It's been 30 minutes already, Leiu became annoyed rather than confused, it's like a prank more than a trial, he began regretting choosing this class, first, he thought that this may be a bug, but there's no way there is a bug when it's just launched, right? After all, there was a beta test a few months ago, a game like this should have been tested by the developers countless time to find any bugs.That assumption was quickly deleted from his mind, but if it's not a bug, then what the bloody hell is happening.

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Chapter 10 : Unbending Will
Leiu Stamina was almost depleted, 2 points left, his arms and legs trembling, barely able to stand, however, he persevered and his strong will and decent stats allowed him to hold on for thirty minutes, continuously slaying anything that bore its fangs at him.Leiu truly reached his very limits, no matter how strong he is, he couldn't fight anymore, it took him 4 to 5 strikes to deal with beasts now, and even more, his two remaining potions are gone and his health decreased to 6, wounds and injuries covered his body and even the gloves were destroyed now.

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