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The world we live in is no longer just earth but merged with a game world. I managed to save it from a complete collision and anilation of our world. But, at what price? Now I must seal myself away in the void. Wanna know how it got to this, well, I'll send my diary to you. Read it and you will understand how I became the tool that nearly ruined earth but also saved it. Bye. I'll be going in now.

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Chapter 1What do you define love as?Caring for someone? Wanting to be more than friends? Something you feel for someone you want to spend the rest of your life with? How you feel about your family?Can you use the word love to describe the care an owner has for his/her pet? Most will say yes, I think.“I love this pen.” Is that statement wrong? I don’t think so except you want to actually date the pen. Now that is just crazy.At least that’s what I would have said a few months ago.No. I’m not in love with a pen. Yes. I still consider such an ideology bonkers.But I’m in love with an NPC.Well, the game administrator says she’s technically no longer an NPC as she’s now tagged ‘error,’ but you get the gist.Hello. I’m Allister Newman from the year 3817 and I’m in love with an NPC.I don’t know if this time machine prototype works but it’s supposed to be able to send some digital data. I’ll test it with my diary.Settings: →1st century.I can’t send it any further than that.[0%...12%
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Chapter 2Hour(s): 02 Minute(s): 41 Second(s) 09…08…07*** *** **Hour(s): 00 Minute(s): 00 Second(s) 06…05…04…03…02…01…00A beep sound can be heard followed by a message.[Welcome to Utopia by IMEX][LOGIN WITH:]The VR room has my account and my parents,’ so I have to choose mine.[Confirm?][Yes] or [No]I choose yes and it uses the devices attached to my body (which are meant to monitor my vitals since some people play VR for so long their health fails. If it goes below standard, the VR will shut down on its own), to confirm m identity.[Scanning][Identity confirmed][Welcome to Utopia, Allister Newman][Creating Utopia IRL Profile][Creation complete][NAME: ALLISTER NEWMANAGE: 17HAIR COLOR: BLACKEYE COLOR: GREENBUILD: SLIGHTLY BELOW AVERAGE BUT NOT SKINNY [RECTANGULAR]WEIGHT:HEIGHT: 5’9HAIRSTYLE: SLICK BACK][IS THIS YOU?][YES] OR [NO]I choose yes and the IRL profile is replaced by In-game profile.[IN-GAME PROFILE][PSEUDONAME: N/A]RACE: N/AROLE: N/AAGE: 17GENDER
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Chapter 3 Form 2: Devil Elf HEIGHT: 5’9 HAIR COLOR: BLACK HAIR STYLE: SLICK BACK EYE COLOR: GREEN BODY TYPE: RECTANGULAR Gross…No way. The game took basic characteristics from my IRL form and slammed them on my Devil Elf form. A dark-skinned elf with black slick back-styled hair and a rectangular body type. Nope! The height can’t be changed obviously but let’s make some tweaks. Hair colour from black to white. Hair style from slick back to just long hair. Make it go below my shoulders down to my ribs. Eye colour from green to…I already used blue before. I want to look like a completely different being when I transform. So purple. Body type from rectangular to inverse triangle. Add a little muscle. Just a little. I will get additional stats when I transform to my second form so let me get the looks to match the boost. I look over my profiles and choose to confirm. [Are you sure? Changes in some respects may not be changed after selection] [Yes] Or [No] Just as I’d guess
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Chapter 4I have been killing all kinds of monsters with gradually increasing levels for the past three hours and my stats have gone up quite a lot. I may not be able to use my spell for combat and I’m not allowed use my devil form in the training arena but it’s ok.[IN-GAME PROFILE][PSEUDONAME: DEXTER BLOOM]RACE: DEVIL ELFROLE: DEVIL GOD SUCCESSORAGE: 17GENDER: MALETIER: TRAINEETIER RANKING: 000000138/752769283 [STILL RISING AS MORE PEOPLE JOIN]LEVEL: 9FORM 1: HUMAN-LOOKINGHEIGHT: 5’9HAIR COLOR: REDHAIR STYLE: SLICK BACKEYE COLOR: BLUEBODY TYPE: RECTANGULARUTOPIA COINS : 0[STATS]STRENGHT : 5→ 13AGILITY : 10→18STAMINA: 8/8→ 16/16DEXTERITY: 20 →28DURABILITY: 4→12INT: 10→ 18IQ: 128 [STATS CANNOT BE ASSIGNED TO THIS]HP: 10/10→40/50MP: 5/5→45/45SKILL POINTS: 8I haven’t had time to use my skill points as the waves of monsters are never-ending. It doesn’t show how much experience points I have left to go, and it does not give you the option of where to add stats.
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Chapter 5: The AdminThe hall (training arena) fades out of view and the next moment, I’m in a booth that looks like the inside of a spaceship. I move my physical body, attempting to walk around the spaceship but my avatar doesn’t move. I can rotate on the spot to look around though. When I’m starting to think the game is bugged, I get a notification.[Choose your starting point]A sphere appears in front of me. It’s a globe but just not earth’s globe. I’m guessing it’s for the Utopia world.I look all over the globe. Anywhere should be fine, right? Nope. Different areas have different terrains, beings, natural resources and so on. So, the area you choose will influence your future development. Just like how those living in the tropics will develop resistance to heat and will want to die if they found themselves in the arctic areas without adequate preparation.I want to gain a lot of power, but I don’t want to be some recluse whose only hobby is levelling up in some mountains. I gues
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Chapter 6: Berserker Ape“I was told that I won’t be able to retry the test to master this castle if I fail once. Do you know of any way around that?”The Administrator does not reply immediately.“Firstly, the test has not begun yet. It doesn’t begin until you get beyond that door.What?! I’m already about to die from the people guarding the entrance. What would it be like inside?“If you look at your status window, nothing has been added to your missions’ log. Even if you did manage to get past the door, the minimum requirement would prevent you from mastering this castle.”“Minimum requirement?”“The requirement to master this castle is to be at least Angel Tier. Further information on the tiers and their level designations in the FAQ section.TRAINEE [0-9]NOOB [10-19]GAMER [20-29]INTERMEDIATE GAMER [30-39]EXPERIENCED GAMER [40-49]ANGEL [50-59]ARCH ANGEL [60-69]DEMIGOD [70-89]GOD [90-91]?? [100-??]“I wonder how long it’s going to take for me to get me there.” I sigh.I gu
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Chapter 7It’s been about three hours since Utopia launched, and the players are still rising at break-neck speed. While others spawned in towns and cities, I have been walking in the woods. I have used the SOTD skill to get around unfavourable situations such as quicksand and a swamp. Other than that, I’ve been taking in the beauty of this game. The leaves, flowers, insects, and so on. I have hunted a couple monsters I’ve run into and only two were above my level so for the most part it was easy. I didn’t loose a single health point with the help of the SOTD skill since I could attack without getting close as long as my opponent was within my sensory bubble.“Status.”[IN-GAME PROFILE][PSEUDONAME: DEXTER BLOOM]RACE: DEVIL ELFROLE: DEVIL GOD SUCCESSORAGE: 17GENDER: MALETIER: NOOBTIER RANKING: 000064852/000064852 [STILL RISING AS MORE PEOPLE JOIN]LEVEL: 10→14FORM 1: HUMAN-LOOKINGHEIGHT: 5’9HAIR COLOR: REDHAIR STYLE: SLICK BACKEYE COLOR: BLUEBODY TYPE: RECTANGULARUTOPIA C
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Chapter 8It’s been about three days (in-game) since I left the floating castle, and I just made it to the city. Cangue City. It is bustling with activity as I can see that in three short days, players have developed a community here. There are various species her and it’s a little difficult to be a 100 percent certain who is a player or not. Some NPCs who are staff have logos on their outfit, but most don’t. Some players are wearing armor or other gear and carrying weapons, but what about mages that are dressed casually? It’s a mixed bag I won’t be able to sort unless I get close and monitor their behaviour. There are varying species too. I chose devil elf that has human form, but some others didn’t. Some players chose to be weird things like orcs. Some are elves, succubus and so on. But human-looking races seems to be most popular. How do you know if a human with a sword may not be an NPC or a player other than interaction? Splendid world-building if I do say so myself.[1 hour in t
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Chapter 9It’s been a couple nearly eight hours (in-game) since I left the city to go hunting in the woods. I have levelled up quite a bit. At least that’s what I’d like to say. There are no monsters worth good experience points. I haven’t seen any higher than level 16. At this rate it’ll take a lot of time to level up. Just one more level to change tiers. Sigh.I pause by a stream and drink from it with my hands. My real body probably feels thirsty too. I stare up at the moon in the sky as I eat some food. I bought a ‘Meal Ticket’ worth 1 U coin. Did I have a U coin? No. I bought it on credit, but I’ll pay the system back with three U coins.What is a meal ticket? A meal ticket is like a debit card for the food store in the game. You could also buy directly but 1 U coin worth of food is quite much and if you don’t have the space to store them in your inventory, what a waste. With the Meal Ticket, it will continue to give you food in small quantities until it’s maxed out. Since there
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Chapter 10: Material Points Maybe he isn't completely sure if he can take me head-on and was learning my strengths and weaknesses. Or maybe he was waiting for me loose some HP. Let's get some distance first, 50 seconds should be enough for complete recovery. I jump back a few metres and then up into a tree to take cover. 3 seconds…10 seconds…30 seconds…50 seconds…1 minute…2 minutes… No movement. I can't see or hear anyone nearby. I jump down from the tree and head in the direction where the sound came from stealthily and carefully. I'm greeted with the smell of blood followed by the sight of a beautiful girl lying motionless on the ground. My senses tell me that she's unconscious, but I am still vigilant as I approach her. She is dressed in a pink dress with a cake symbol on her left chest. Her feet seem to be bruised. Did she loose her footwear on the way? She's lost and is still loosing a lot of blood from her injuries. With such a status effect, she will die since her HP will h
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