Farewell (3)

Stretching both his limbs, he lifts his intertwined hand above his head and pulled up that causes his waist to make a sound. He smiled from the satisfaction before bending his body and reaches his toes in multiple sets of repetition. The morning sun is not that strong and the weather is perfect for morning walks but, instead of going out, Heith went to the inner most part of the mansion and turned right with a smile on his face. The servants were already up and greeting him which he greeted back. 

There must be something today?  He thought so before entering the kitchen where the chef and a few apprentices were waiting for his arrival. 

Ingredients and vegetables are already filling a counter and each category are separated from each other. That made Heith nod before turning to face them all. 

"Good morning everyone. I assumed that every one already had their fills for today. We will be extremel

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