Farewell (4)

"Did you get your pay already? The youngmaster were asking earlier because if so, he will do give you. They're so nice!"

"Yes! Very much! I never thought that the masters are this generous!"

"Apparently the young sir will go out for an adventure even if he just woke up. Isn't that quite of a noble dream? "

"I know but I am a bit worried to mister Heisenberg. He waited for his son to wake up for years and now, he have to wait for another five just to be with his son. Isn't that quite sad? 

"I agree but what can we do? The dream of sir Heithcliff is the one the master considered. How thoughtful he is?"

A lot of maids were talking with one another and they seems talking about the young man in his modest clothes, busy slicing the meat which is under the low fire. The aroma were inviting and they can't wait to taste it. There's a lot of food that the master made and they can't ch

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