The House Is Alive

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The House Is Alive

By: Naomi OngoingOther

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Ernesto is the new Night Watcher at the Roanake Retirement Community in Virginia. He is glad to have landed his new job and he pledges to do his best to do better than the former Night Watchers of the Community. Little did he know that the ex Night Watchers didn’t leave because of their incompetence but because of the disturbance of the ghosts that reside in the community. Will he be able to handle his new job or will his new job be the end of him? Only time will tell.

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  • Naomi


    A really interesting read for lovers of horror fiction stories!

    2022-07-13 01:55:08
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4 chapters
The Musket Fire
PrologueThe evening is very cold and the clouds look darker than normal, mirroring Christian’s current state of mind. He spends his entire day thinking of his next step -to stay or to leave. He knows, deep inside, that he is running out of his mind with every passing moment in the Retirement Community. Every night that passes is like a night away from sanity. He doesn’t know who to talk to. Or better put -he doesn’t know who will believe the words of his mouth. He sees things; and hears things. Things that are far beyond his understanding, and there is no soul he can trust to give him clarity. Of all his years of being a security guard, he has never experienced situations like the ones he has experienced in the Roanoke Retirement Community. He has only worked here for 3 years but has seen enough for an entire lifetime.He looks at his wrist watch subconsciously; his new habit whenever it’s nearing 9:00 PM. That’s the time when things get heated in the chill of the night. He walks to
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Explanation of the Musket Fire
Chapter 2: Explanation of Musket Fire My morning is not as bright as I wished it to be. Especially not after the crazy incident of the preceding night. I can’t stop thinking about the firing musket without a shooter that kept me at high alert all night. In all my times of working as a Night Watcher when I’d have little to no sleep at night, I’ve never had to feel this way; my head feels so heavy. It’s like I can still hear the musket ringing in there and it just won’t stop. I get off my bed and head to the kitchen to get some tea. Hopefully, I’ll be able to remember where the kitchen is. I don’t want to have to ask anyone, much less Nurse Joy. I don’t know how she would look at me this morning seeing that I acted like a lunatic before her last night. If truly, she didn’t hear the loud ringing of the musket, I’ll have to prove my sanity before I raise any foul suspicions on her end. I like my job -or at least, I want it. And so I have to be in my best state of mind to stay here long e
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Escorted By Shadow Figures
Chapter 3: Escorted By Shadow FiguresIt’s mid day already and I head to the pergola in front of the facility to stay under it because of the heat of the sun. I sit on one of the foamy covered benches and place all my tools on the floor. I have a whetstone, some oil and a blunt knife with me and I settle down to sharpen it. I find myself thinking about the things I have discovered, thanks to Arnold, about my new place of work. Each time I catch myself thinking about it, I either shiver, or my eyes simply twitch on their own. I pour some oil on the whetstone and watch it spread for a few seconds. I’m looking at the whetstone and the oil but I’m not seeing either one of them. Instead, I am seeing myself have a one on one conversation with Max where he tells me everything I want to know without giving me the ‘always mind your business’ speech. I hear something fall behind me with a heavy thud, like a stone falling to the ground. I sharply turn to look at it and I do find the stone but I
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Explanation of Escort By Shadow Figures
Chapter 4; Explanation of Escort by Shadow Figures If someone comes and asks me how last night was, I’d say it was a freaking nightmare. I still haven’t gotten over it. I don’t know if I’ll ever get over it. A part of me wonders what I’m still doing in this house that seems to be haunted with every evil thing you can think of, but another part of me is desperate to know what’s really going on around here. I mean, what if the residents are in trouble and they don’t know? I don’t believe in coincidences and I don’t think my coming here is a coincidence. None of that changes the fact that I need some time to calm myself though. This morning especially. I’m lying on my bed with my belly facing the ceiling, and I don’t feel like getting up any time soon. I’m a bit hungry but there’s no strength or desire in me to head to the kitchen. I remember the chocolate chips I kept in the mini fridge before my shift last night. I get up to see if it’s still there. And it is. “Thank goodness,” I tak
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