"I will be a Villain in this life."

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"I will be a Villain in this life."

By: Amber Shaw OngoingOther

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"There are two types of people in the world after going to hell, the ones who will do anything to protect others so that they don't go through the same pain as them and the other who will do anything to let the world know about their pain, the former is called a hero and the latter is called a villain and I shall be a Villain"- Zhan

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11 chapters
Zavian had a good life. He had a loving, caring, and innocent mother and a cool, strong, powerful, wealthy father, and a protective and well-behaved elder brother. Then what could go wrong? His father was loving, very loving in fact, but it was no hidden fact that he loved his mother more than anything, and perhaps that was the very reason for every tragedy. When Zavian was born the Oracle predicted his future, in a loud clear voice he said, "This child will be blessed by goddess Ankh, he will be her favorite child and shall be loved by her, for him the goddess won't hesitate to go against the cosmic law" That made him even more special and also the center of envy and jealousy, but a loving family was everything he needed to be happy. Zavian believed and loved the goddess Ankh as his own mother, he had grown up listening to stories of the goddess and had her bravery and miracles, which have always fascinated him. The goddess wa
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chapter 1.
Zavian's Pov. Waking up is the most unpleasant Job in the world. Here I was sitting on the cold bed in a dark room. The servants didn't even bother to open the curtains, not come and greet me as their master. I lost my faith in them a long time ago. I formula from my bed and opened the curtains. Looking outside. I then proceeded to take a bath in ice-cold water since no one bothered to warm it for me. Even though I am the son of Duke, I am treated like trash in this kingdom. After wearing my clothes, I went outside the room. The servants were right outside the room and didn't even bother to greet me, whereas the head butler he does not even try to hide his hate towards me. It has been ten years since my mother's death and to this day I am to be blamed. My father has been on the battlefield ever since then and my elder brother is the one who handles the affairs. I walk towards the temple to
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Chapter 2.
Excitement is what I was feeling now.But now that I realized I don't have anything suitable to wear for a birthday party.With a sigh, I walked out and thankfully I spotted the head butler.His name was Dylan Roy, "Mr. Roy?" I called out to him in a clear voice, but he ignored me. I tried a few more times and both the times the results were the same. What was I even thinking?I sighed and decided to go to the store by myself. My servants, who made supposed to be serving, are walking here and there without even looking at me.I also spotted my knight, Elijah.He was a tough-looking grumpy man, only a few years older than me.There were many times I tried to initiate a conversation with him and tried to know him, but he really hates me."Mr. Elijah," I called out to him and he only looked at me with annoyance, "I am going out for a while""I see." With that, he just left.I clenched my fist tightly. A knight's duty
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chapter 3.
The next day I went to the temple early in the morning as usual. I met Silas who seemed to be sad for some reason today. He didn't call out my name cheerfully, instead, his voice was heavy. "What's wrong Silas?" For the first few seconds, he didn't say anything to me but soon he gave me a forced smile, "young, master Zavian, remember that you are blessed by the goddess right?" "That's right." "Promise me that you will not stop believing in her, no matter what happens." I was quiet for some time after listening to this peculiar request. "I understand, Silas, don't worry about that. Even if these entire Worlds stand me, I shall never abandon my goddess" After listening to my words, Silas finally smiled cheerfully before sitting beside me as we both offer our prayers to the goddess. After I was done, I was about to leave but on my way out I was met with the Saintess. This time she was really in a hurry and didn't reply to
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Chapters 4.
Third person's Pov. When Yug woke up the next time he was lying inside his room, for a moment he didn't realize what was going on until he remembered what had happened. He sat up straight and he heard the voice of his knight, "your highness!!" His nanny also called out to him, " Your highness!! Are you okay?" In the entire palace, only the two who were loyal to his mother remained beside him, his most trusted person. "I am fine, but how did I get here?" "We found you outside the imperial palace. Someone was there when I reached you, but they were gone once I got you." Yug nodded, but his mind was filled with questions. How come he is cured and alive as far as he knows, black venom has no cure, then how? Did Zavian invent one? No that's not possible. Even the greatest people in history couldn't invent. one then how come fifteen-year-old child-like Zavian make one? Whatever the case is, Zavian is
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Chapter 5.
The night of the party arrives soon and this time there was a carriage waiting for Zavian outside the door. The head butler was standing beside the carriage with his head down as if hiding his face. Zavian's knight was there as well. For a moment Zavian couldn't believe that this carriage was for him until his knight opened the door for him. For once, Zavian wondered if this was his brother's doing? But soon he felt uncomfortable since these people were definitely forced to serve him. Once he was inside the carriage, the knight closed the door with a bang, which created a loud noise. Normally it was considered rude, but Zavian didn't want to create a ruckus so he didn't say much. The entire ride was quiet before he reached his destination. He got down from the carriage and took the gift he had prepared for the birthday girl. Once he reached inside the building he suddenly felt out of place, because apparently Everyone either ig
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Chapter 6.
While Zavian was lying down on the bed, Yug tended to him before Simon arrived in the room. "I thought you don't care about him." "How can I ever stop caring about him? He was is and always will be my brother." "Hmm..." "Honestly, I was glad that he is not close with anyone because all the people are filthy, but I didn't realize how lonely he must have Felt." "I am sorry, but I don't see any reason for you to abandon him." "My father once beat me with a whip to death just because I had supported Zavian. I know he wanted to use me in order to make Zavian feel bad, but how can I let that happen? He already blamed him for our mother's death. I can't allow him to use me to torment him? You must have heard all the rumors about him and how he is treated by the nobles, all thanks to him. Our lovely father." Yug clenched his fists. "So he didn't spare you, huh?" "He does not care for any of us, he has even started to sl
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Chapter 7
Please please before reading this chapter read the warning this chapter has gore, torture, and death if you are not comfortable with brutal torture and don't proceed.Zavian was forced to sit on a chair before cold water was thrown at him.He was forcefully tied to the chair before the Duke, and the empress walked into the cellZavian's blood ran cold once he saw them. "you killed my brother."The Duke smiled coldly,"no, he died because of you."Zavian struggled against the chair and tried to get off but couldn't, and the Duke continued, "if only he didn't care so much about you he wouldn't have had such a tragic end and see even his body is being fed to the dogs, I used to beat him so much but he still wouldn't give up on you.I even killed the person he loved and still, he didn't let any harm come to you. What a pity."My heart ached as I listened to all these things, "why are you doing this to m
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Chapter 8.
Zavian felt warm and cosy. He felt his head being placed on a very soft object while he was being engulfed in a protective hug."Zavian."Someone's soft voice called out his name, gently and slowly some patted his head, "wake up Zavian."The sweet honey-laced voice invaded his ears, as he slowly opened his eyes, he found himself in a beautiful place.He also saw the face of the owner of that melodious voice. It was a beautiful woman with pale skin and beautiful black eyes which shined like a galaxy.Her brown hairs were long, and she wore a beautiful flower crown, as she smiled at Zavian as if she was looking at her child."Are you finally awake?"It didn't take long for Zavian to recognise this woman, the same woman about whom he had been hearing since he was born, the woman he had worshipped all his life."Goddess Ankh," Zavian said slowly and smiled when the realisation hit him that he was finally in the protective arms of h
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Chapter 9.
Zavian opened his eyes and this time he wasn't with the goddess anymore. instead, he was lying in his room on his bed.Was everything that happened a dream? The thought made him quickly sit straight on his bed before he tried to get down from the bed.But to his surprise, the bed was really huge, and he fell to the ground."Ow." he hissed and then noticed his hands and feet were actually tiny and that of a child.Zavian opened and closed his fist and moved his leg before running on his tiny legs to look at the mirror.And indeed he was turned into a kid. He touched his face and felt his body. There was actually no pain.A sudden smile appeared on his face, judging by the condition of his room looks like he has returned to the time before the accident.Great, just great since he knows the future, he can control the things which will happen.There are many people on his to-kill list, but before anything, he needs to remaster his
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