First Match (part 3)

Electric horn sounded off, marking the start of the match.

The arena flickered, shunning their view of the spectators; almost like in another world.

The teams clicked their badges and soon a blue light converged around their body and clothed them with a shiny light armour, styled in the school emblems.

Draven admired his red glass armour with white highlights and two headed hellhounds on the right breast and no.17 on his back. Taking a glance at his teammates, he realized only he had a white stripe on his chest and on his right arm.

Squidid Team attacked, firing water bullets from their fingers.

 Draven commanded, flaring a hand out. "Earth wall"

An earth manipulator, stamped his feet, the Martian ground trembled, giving way to the growing wall, about two meters wide.

"Blake ice mist" Draven commanded.

The Blake ran, a ramp made of shadows appeared; he jumped off it and landed on the wall. Icicles froze his face wh

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