The Legendary System

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The Legendary System

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Draven Edgor Castel was a descendant of the Castel clan, in a futuristic world of superhumans and planet colonization. From an early age, Draven was gifted with talent which drew villainous grandfather to nurture him into a future powerhouse through soul crushing methods. And on the day of his age ceremony, Draven suddenly lost his powers and after being a public embarrassment for his clan. His grandfather was unable to stomach such humiliation and readily dumped him onto the lawless streets of London. When everything appeared hopeless for Draven, Abby decided to look after him until he became an adult. With years of abuse and rejection from his clan and school, Draven grew heartless and disconnected which caused an ominous spirit within to grow as big as his desire for strength. By fate's grace, Draven stumbled onto an odd pocket diary but his mere touch, caused his soul and mind to be linked to a powerful A.I, Lord Vernon a previous leader of an alliance of super-villains. With his assistance, Draven was able to unlock his original power and access the system's library of superpowers and techniques from the war of 2150. Everything should be smooth sailing for Draven but sadly his sudden gain of power awakens Kalaraja, an evil entity living inside of him who plots to possess his body while Draven uses his powers for his ambition and his love interest, Natalia Leroux his ex-fiancée. Things become complicated when Alister, her brother secretly fights for Draven's affection and to deter Draven's love for his sister, he sends one of his trusted aides, Becky Swanson to seduce him and arranges his sister's marriage with another elitist family. Will Draven fall out of love? Or will he fight for her at the cost offending the elites?

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  • Joe Dennis


    a fun and exciting read. easy to keep turning the pages.

    2022-11-14 05:44:23
  • georgebenelmueller


    will there be a part two of this book?... cause there is so much questions and things that need to happen and be clarified.

    2022-07-15 11:11:30
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207 chapters
Pocket Diary
*ring* *ring* At the break of dawn, a pale hand stretches across the bed and slammed the ringing alarm off. Anxiously, he sprung to his feet, and strolled to his bathroom. Splashing his sleepy face awake, revealing an unforeseen excitement as he coiffed his blonde hair into a gel slickened puff. "Hmm, A new day, new school equals to a free and easy life... like a holiday" Draven said to himself, adding his final yet gentle brushstroke. Donning on a typical sweatshirt and pants, he did a brief check of his fridge, mentally noting down what's required and headed to the door. the lever down, he locked it, by pressing a palm on the door before heading down the elevator. Flipping the hood up, he pushed through the building; frosty air strikes his nose pink, reminding him of the brutally chilly fall in the wee hours of the night. His jogging feet splashed the stoned pavement, fading into the fog. The streetlights shinned through, hazing the streets of London with a
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Sun blazed down the roof, a pesky fly buzzed around the unconscious boy and landed on his face, tiny feet grazed down the bridge of his nose. Irritated, his facial muscles clenched. It fled, as a hand raised itself to scratch the itch, his blue-jay eyes winched open to the sunny sky.He groaned, slowly bended his body up, drawing his feet to him. Glancing at the groggy surroundings while a palm massaged his aching head, trying to make a recount. 'Shit, why does it feel like a hangover? I don't remember drinking anything but coffee in the morning!''Wait, was I drugged?'"Draven get up! Get up, kid!" Draven stood in attention, frantically looked around, searching for the owner of the senior-citizen's voice.The same voice, laughed within his head. Holding his head, he thought 'No, have I turned mental?'. Draven started slapping himself silly until the laugh faded."Hmm, maybe I am just imagining things... Haha! I guess, I really need to get myself c
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Surge Of Strenght
Time flowed like a stream; the period ended. Draven packed his belongings and headed to the art room. He hummed to himself, the eye of the tiger song. The halls were packed, as the students moved to and fro to their respective classes. Draven pushed, squeezing through the crowd. Suddenly he slipped. A girl in a baby pink skirt and white blouse stepped closer to him; her plump, strawberry-red lips curved into a smile. She raised a hand. Under her power, Draven floated to his feet, their eyes clashed for a fraction. She turned and walked with her friends. Draven mouthed "Thanks" She paused and without looking back, she nodded; fading into the distance. Starstruck, Draven stood in the middle of the hall.   Vernon spoke, breaking Draven from his thoughts. "Haha, who knew you would fall so easily in love? That's weak, kiddo!" Draven whispered to himself "Why? … She seems familiar, where have I seen her before?" A shoulder bumped i
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Show of Strenght!
Within Draven's mindspace, Vernon said “Kid, why are you holding back? Just go and punch that brat in the face until he cries for his mommy!” Draven said “hey it's not that simple he has powers and I don’t! It was unfair from the start.” Vernon disagreed, he said “Stop making excuses! He isn't as strong as he looks.” 'Not strong?' Draven scoffed. “Are you blind? He is definitely stronger than me!” “Well not anymore, check your stats” Vernon said and displayed his stats. Strength: 27 .... .... Overall Power level: 0.6 Power: Invisibility (Awakened) Skills: Misdirection. Verdict: Strength and intelligence above average human. Still extremely weak. Vernon said "Look your invisibility is awakened but you can’t use it yet?” “Why?” “It is still at level zero! If you want to use it then you can upgrade it to level 1. But don’t!” Draven quickly added the remai
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That Cursed Day
Under her questioning gaze, his throat went dry. Abby leaned against the wall with crossed arms.He stuttured "I... I was in the toilet...had a really bad one....Sorry I .... I took too long" Abby stiffled her laugh within her petite hands.Sternly, she said "I still won't excuse you for this! So, you better stay behind!"Draven nodded and dragged his feet to his seat.He picked his brush and began painting. While he was painting, a soft voice caressed his earbuds. "Hey, what happened? And happened to your clothes?"With shifty eyes, he said "I wasn't feeling well and I somehow had ruined them... And borrowed my friend's spare clothes."Karisa gave a sincere smile, said "Oh! I didn't know, sorry for asking. Are you feeling better now?"Breathing in her rosy fragrence, suddenly his heart leaped, viewing her through flowery lens. Surpressing his emotions, he replied "No worries. It's OK. I am fine."Draven smiled int
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Friendly Goths
Daven was late. Knowing his Maths teacher’s temperament, he would be in for a scolding. He took a deep breath and knocked, before walking in. Draven apologized, informed her of his reason behind his tardiness. Mrs. Winchester for a wonder said the strangest things. “Next time, be on time and take your seat.' Draven took his seat at the back of the class and flipped his notebook open. Swirling a Ten between his fingers while listening to her lecture. Time passed like a blur. When half of the day was over, the lunch bell rang. The students rushed through the halls, either to chat with their buddies outside or the school cafeteria. Draven carried his sorry ass out of the class with a bag over his shoulder, heading to the rooftops. With a dazed expression, he slowly climbed the stairs. But internally, he was chatting with Vernon in the system. Vernon said "Do you want to see the stats now?" “Okay” ---Legend's Scroll---
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Draven lethargically climbed up the stairs. He could have taken the elevator but there wasn't one in this crummy building. He could complain for hours, about this rundown, paint-peeled apartment but sadly it was the only one which fitted perfectly with his budget. In the beginning, it was hard for Draven to digest the word ‘Abandoned’ while sitting on the roadside for hours, the freezing cold was enough to pinch him back, to the reality of his circumstance.   Moving on, Draven swallowed his pride and begged for a job, sometimes he threw himself out for the alms of the beggars or dumpster-diving for the crumbs to satiate himself.     With his new identity, as a street kid, he sloged like an ox for a meagre wage doing odd jobs; at desperate times, even the offer to humiliate himself for money seemed enticing. A slave to money.    When his pockets were full, his stomach wasn’t. It always manged to take fight by its
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His Ego
Today school was closed for the weekend, out of habit; he went for an early jog. Instead of going down his normal routine, he jogged further to the next street. Draven heaved, leaning against the brick wall, to catch his breath. He cussed, wiping the sweat on his chin. 'I certainly didn't expect it to be this far! Damn that old fart!' A green thread of light, buzzed from the bracelet, he popped to the size of a little fairy. Vernon shouted "Hey, quit whining! This is just a warm-up!" Draven said "But, I could have easily warmed up on the gym's treadmill." Vernon replied "Running outside and inside aren't that different. But they make a big difference. Athletes of my generation, preferred training outdoors, making their bodies resistant to the temperature and the conditions of the track." Draven stayed silent and continued running.  Moments before daybreak, in a small corner of the street. People in their sports apparels went in an
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What a maniac?
The room glowed; numbers flashed. 3…2…1 Go!  Draven climbed up and hid within the tree leaves, gripping the daggers. A couple of robots trudged through the wilderness, while they carefully scanned the area with loaded guns, ready to fire. Catching a lead of his footprint, on a caterpillar track, they waddled to his tree. Like a dart, the dagger cut through the air, it stuck straight to its optical sensor. Aligning his sword, he jumped down, and with the gained momentum, it sliced through the robot in half. And casually swung his sword horizontally, chopping off the head of the robot. Draven strolled out. A second later, they went boom, sending the lit scraps in all directions, attracting the others. He leaned his back straight to the trunk, as a drone flew above. He rolled and took cover in a nearby bush. Pensively looked around. 'Hmm, last time I used the rings. But they are too taxing for my current level. I need to figure out a way to
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In the midst of his battle, he ducked his head from the incoming heat ray. He dashed in the middle, two robots flanking him from the both sides, swinging their blades, forming an x. With a horizontal parry, he deflected back their combined attacks. They skidded back; pulling his fingers back like a gun, he shot fire bullets which was soon blocked by its forcefield. Based on his previous fighting patterns, the bots were prepared. From the middle, a machine gun. Draven rocketed himself back with a flip, he struck its chest with the teeth of his whip and destroyed the source of his trouble, leaving the bot with only a sword to defend itself. When Draven fought the robots, he heard a mechanical movement. Acting on his instincts, he changed the grip of his sword and preformed a reverse roundhouse; kicking the robot's sword away while ducking his head narrowly from the incoming sword at the front. After depleting his fire energy, he was soon stuck in a dead
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