Cultivation Sign-In System

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Cultivation Sign-In System

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Transmigrating into a cultivation world, Wushu Shengli found himself in an outer disciple’s body! With his trash cultivation talent, he feared that he wouldn’t live long in a world filled with young masters, hidden powerhouses, and immortal gods who could overturn the world! Fortunately, his golden finger arrived in time! [Cultivation Sign-In System has integrated into the host’s soul!] -Ding! [Since it’s the host’s first sign-in, the host will receive a random Supreme Grade reward!] -Ding! [Sign-in Complete! Host receives Supreme Cultivation Talent!] After receiving an unrivaled cultivation talent, Shengli truly felt invincible in the cultivation world! Cultivation resources? Just sign-in! Receive a thousand-year-old spiritual vein! Cultivation technique? Just sign-in! Receive the inheritance of a sword immortal! Cultivation physique? Just sign-in! Receive an Immortal Body Physique! Young masters? Just sign-in! Receive a Face-Slapping Manual 101! Jade beauties? Sorry, women will only affect the speed at which I draw my sword! “I become invincible after signing in!”


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192 chapters
Transmigration In A Cultivation World
In a dilapidated house, a young man with a handsome appearance yet wearing ragged clothing was currently lying on a wooden bed. The young man’s body was slightly bruised with dirt on his ragged clothing. Judging from his closed eyes and stable breathing pattern, he was sleeping.Nothing eventful happened for several minutes. But the heavens never wanted an uneventful life in a cultivation world.As if on cue to heaven’s will, the young man’s body twitched a few times before his body jolted like his body was electrocuted. In an instant, his eyelids opened and it revealed his jade green eyes.Lifting his body, the young man sat on his bed while rubbing his long disheveled purple hair. Positioning both of his hands in front of him and staring at his hands, the young man was astonished at his current situation!“These aren’t my hands!”The young man exclaimed in shock as he maintained eye contact with his hands. He kept on observing them until he was certain that his discovery was true!“
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First Sign-In! Supreme Cultivation Talent!
‘Finally! My golden finger has arrived!’Although Shengli was overwhelmed with excitement, he didn’t forget to conceal his excitement instead of shouting and stupidly revealing the existence of the system.As the saying went, the walls have ears. And that held true for powerful cultivators in the Transcendence Sect who could use Qi Sense to a terrifying degree!Because of that, Shengli was cautious when it came to formulating his words. He didn’t want anyone to know that he possessed a system.It was like a poor man stumbling upon a treasure chest filled with gold. The poor man didn’t have the power to protect his wealth so taking it would endanger him. So the poor man could only take all of the gold in the treasure chest but spend the money secretly until he was powerful enough to protect his wealth.That was Shengli’s current situation. Unless he was powerful enough to protect the existence of his system, he wouldn’t allow anyone to keep their lives when they accidentally found out
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The Bullies Were Bullied!
After exiting his house which was located at the outermost part of the outer yard, Wushu Shengli walked towards the training ground. Because his house was on the outskirts, the distance between his house and the training ground was the greatest among the outer disciples. But with the improvement of his cultivation base, Shengli’s stamina has also improved, so he wasn’t exhausted from walking. Shengli kept on walking until his path was hindered by a group of outer disciples. Those were none other than his bullies. “Trash, get out of here! You should go home and drink your mother’s milk!” “Trash will be trash! You are just wasting the sect’s resources. Just leave the sect so we wouldn’t have to force ourselves to see a walking piece of trash!” “Leave the sect? That’s an excellent idea! How about we cripple this trash so that he can’t attend the yearly talent appraisal event? Let’s see if Elder Sword won’t expel him after seeing his cultivation base crippled!” The main leaders of t
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Nine Heavenly Stars Talent? Son Of Heaven?
“1-star talent, Qi Refining 2nd Stage! Fail!”“2-star talent, Qi Refining 5th Stage. Fail”“4-star talent, Qi Refining 9th Stage. Pass!”Shengli saw a group of outer disciples gathered around the training ground as he joined the crowd of outer disciples. On the training ground platform, an old man wearing a green-colored cultivation robe with a sword on his waist was currently appraising an outer disciple’s talent.The old man was none other than Elder Sword, a Sect Elder of Transcendence Sect. Elder Sword was using a talent appraisal crystal to identify the cultivation talent of every outer disciple that was called unto the platform by him.At the center of the platform, a youth wearing a white-colored robe placed his hand on a huge cylindrical block of transparent light blue crystal.The white-colored robe was the attire that all outer disciples wore. The cylindrical crystal that the outer disciple placed his palm on was the talent appraisal crystal.The talent appraisal crystal lit
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Becoming The Sect Master's Lead Disciple
Elder Sword as well as the outer disciples stared at Wushu Shengli as if they were looking at a monster, someone who was well above their league!Not to mention, the auspicious crown above Wushu Shengli’s head was too eye-catching! They weren’t blind enough to believe that it was a coincidence!To be honest, they felt that they were dreaming. After all, Heavenly Path itself crowned Wushu Shengli for his cultivation talent!An outer disciple even slapped another outer disciple. Seeing that the slapped outer disciple was screaming in pain while holding his face, the outer disciple who slapped him no longer thought of the current situation as a dream!After several seconds have passed, the four-colored crown above slowly disappeared as if it was just an illusion. But that small time frame was enough to make Wushu Shengli appear as an ethereal king!Coupled with Wushu Shengli’s absurdly handsome appearance, all of the female outer disciples who weren’t gay were enchanted by Wushu Shengli’
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Heavenly Transcendence Art, Divine Melodic Sword Art
Zhou Aotian, the sect master of the Transcendence Sect, arrived at his courtyard with his newly accepted disciple, Wushu Shengli.To call it a courtyard was an understatement. It was literally a palace. And because of the spiritual Qi gathering array that was installed in the palace, the spiritual Qi in the sect master’s palace was ten times denser than the outside world.With Wushu Shengli’s current cultivation base that was at Qi Refining 9th Stage, he could easily break through and attain Core Formation Realm after entering the spiritual Qi gathering array.But Shengli didn’t do that as he want his foundation to be as stable as possible, or even further beyond that. Nevertheless, his body still greedily absorbed the surrounding spiritual Qi as it entered his Qi Sea, further improving the quality of his spiritual Qi.Of course, all of that was caught by Zhou Aotian as he noticed that his disciple was absorbing a lot of spiritual Qi yet not progressing in cultivation base. If not for
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First Location Sign-In!
Gripping the wooden sword in his right hand, Wushu Shengli’s appearance slowly became illusory as countless afterimages of his sword as well as himself appeared in the cultivation room.With every swing of his wooden sword, a faint melodic vibration was produced. Ten sword slashes were performed in a second, thereby creating a melody pertaining to that of an ethereal sword.If any of the outer disciples saw Shengli’s sword dance, they would have fallen into an illusion that would be no different from animals on a chopping board.The more he practiced the Divine Melodic Sword Art, the more he was surprised by its power. Wushu Shengli believed that the weakness of his Divine Melodic Sword Art was difficult to counter, which made it invincible amongst sword cultivators in the same realm!The weakness of the Divine Melodic Sword Art was the illusions and melody it produced. As long as a cultivator turned off their sense of sight as well as their sense of hearing, Wushu Shengli’s Divine Me
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End Of Cultivation Training
A young man with long purple-colored hair was currently sitting in a lotus position. While he was sitting on the floor, the surrounding spiritual Qi inside the cultivation room was converging toward him.The gathered spiritual Qi was absorbed into the Qi Sea of the young man. After several minutes worth of meditation, a gust of spiritual Qi was released from his body, indicating a successful breakthrough!The fluctuation of spiritual Qi inside the young man’s meridians was gradually becoming stable. Currently, the young man’s foundation was now stable after his successful cultivation breakthrough.The young man, Wushu Shengli, donned a smirk on his face. He was elated with the results of his cultivation breakthrough.“It took me a few hours to attain Golden Core 9th Stage! If master knew about it, he might cough out blood.”Wushu Shengli snickered at the thought of his master being shocked by his monstrous talent.Not only his master, but even those powerful cultivators would also dou
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The Sect Master Is Having An Existential Crisis!
-Knock -Knock -KnockArriving at the door of his master’s room, Wushu Shengli knocked thrice and waited for his master’s response.“Come in, the door is open.”A soft creaking sound was produced when Shengli opened the door.After receiving his master’s permission to enter his room, Shengli immediately cupped his fist but didn’t bow to his master when he entered the room.His master had told him before to only bow when it was in a public setting. But for private meetings such as this, Shengli didn’t need to bow to his master.“Disciple greets master.”Shengli politely greeted his master, and as usual, he waited for his master’s response.He saw his master sitting on a futon while drinking tea from a jade-colored tea cup. Spiritual Qi was emanating from the tea, so from Shengli’s guess, it wasn’t an ordinary tea but a spiritual tea.‘As expected of master, he has good taste. That tea must be brewed by a cultivator who pursues the Tea Ceremony Path or even the Brewing Path.’‘If master
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Wushu Shengli's Identity
A dark shade of black covered the sky while specks of shimmering light adorned it. A huge circular plate shone brightly above the sky in contrast to the dark sky.The cold breeze traveled across the plains as it blew the sword-like grasses and jade-like leaves. The leaves danced as they fell on the ground as it was accompanied by the howling of birds that could be heard while slight silence permeated the atmosphere.It was already nighttime.Wushu Shengli was admiring the starry sky and the night scenery above the terrace of his Cultivation Palace. He had already agreed to live in his cultivation palace and since it was situated above a mountain, the cold breeze caressed his milky white skin.His purple hair fluttered across the air while his jade-green eyes glanced at the landscape outside his cultivation palace.“To think I have transmigrated into a cultivation world. It doesn’t seem that bad.”Shengli admired the scenery while reminiscing about his past life. It felt too sudden for
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