Chapter 1323
Blake wondered, 'I'm now pregnant with Kevin's child. What should I do?'

She woke up groggily when she felt someone carry her. She opened her heavy eyelids and asked, "What time is it now?"

Liam responded, "It's four-thirty in the morning. It's still early; go back to sleep for a while more."

Blake said in a hoarse voice, "I've made an appointment for an abortion at eight o'clock. Regardless of whether I'm really pregnant or not, I don't want to keep this child."

She had thought about it all night and believed this was the best decision.

Kevin was going to get engaged. Blake believed he would get married and Audrey would give birth to his children. There was simply no need for her to complicate things further.

She thought, 'If I choose to be selfish and decide to keep this baby, and if people find out about it, my child will be treated as an illegitimate child. I don't even dare to imagine how badly the child will be treated.

'If giving birth to the baby will bring it a lifetime
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