I.III The First of Many..

Athena, hearing a sharp pop from the direction of the cabinet, glanced over to Eremes's direction. She heard him mutter an expletive and assumed that something must have gone wrong with the repairs. She cast an impatient look towards him as he rubbed his hands on his head in frustration. What's taking him so long? At this rate, she might not even wait for him to finish and just go jump off the ledge and be done with it.

As if that would actually happen. We both know you won't go through with it.

She won't be going back inside, it'll be tonight.

"Uhm... You should probably go back inside. My job just became a whole lot harder, and I don't think you can afford to wait for me in this rain."

He was absolutely right. The agonizing hilarity of her existence gnawing in her chest would make her lose it before he was done.

Wasn't she already?

Nevertheless, she calmed herself down and strode towards Eremes and the offending cabinet. She stared at the contents intently before coming to an admittedly half-baked conclusion.

"Hmm... Instead of me going back to my room like a good little girl, how about I help you with your little maintenance problem?" She hated every minute she spent learning about electronics during her college days but today, it might just redeem itself in her eyes. "I know my way through basic circuitry." Albeit the knowledge in her head was a little rusty, she was certain that even a drop out like her can fix the damage.

You're not thinking straight again~

When did she ever?


Athena sounded a bit irritated and Eremes raised an eyebrow at her statement. *Comms technology wasn't just basic circuitry.. was she serious? Or maybe she's an engineer? Nah, she looks too young to be a graduate.. Maybe she's one the few super-geniuses living in this city? That would explain the knowing look she had when she glanced towards the tower almost half an hour ago. Her knack for using *English also supports the theory. But... "Are you sure? It's my job you know, and this stuff's pretty high level if you know what I mean."

"I'm pretty sure it's still an easy fix if you had the right parts available. And judging by the nearby shed present, it's safe to say that there might be some spare parts that we can use."

He can only watch as Athena led him towards the maintenance shed to their left. In fairness, it did look like it was an easy fix if they find a few spares in the shed. He stared befuddled at her as she beckoned him towards the door, her right hand outstretched as if introducing him to an audience.

"Would you please..."

"What?" Was there something on his face?

She sighed and shook her head at him in a disappointing manner. How come? She should just open the doo-

Oh, right.

It was locked and he held the key.

He guessed it was a good thing it was raining as he sheepishly fished the keys out of his pocket and unlocked the door. He flicked the light switch and saw a few tools hanging by the wall, a green locker, separate containers, and a table littered with wires, tape and other junk that he failed to organize during his free time.

"Well, let's go find what we need. I'm sure they're in here somewhere."

Eremes removed his raincoat and immediately went off on a scavenger hunt for parts with Athena reluctantly helping him. The shed's size was relatively moderate, having enough room for at least four people to move somewhat freely. He and his partner searched the shed together, with her only keeping an eye out and opening the occasional drawer for the parts that they needed, until all that was left to search was the heaping, tangled mess on the table.

It was a long time coming. Well, better now than tomorrow he guessed.

He was trying to unravel all of the wires when he noticed that her impromptu assistant was no longer searching. What was she waiting for?

"You expect me to sift through all of that sensitive circuitry in my current state?"

She was thoroughly soaked. Water dripped from her clothes that looked like they weighed heavily on her body. She had her arms on her sides as her midnight hair was stuck clinging onto her deadpanned face.

"Right. Sorry."


Athena was annoyed that he even suggested that she handle circuitry with wet hands. Everyone knows that water and electronics don't mix.

She says as she offered to help with the maintenance just a few minutes ago~

Fuck. Now that she realized it, how in the world would she help if she was sopping wet and unable to touch the circuit boards?

Half-baked ideas always come out soggy. Like you right now~

No matter. As Eremes said, it was his job to fix the cell tower. She'll just rescind the offer with the same excuse she used now.

And she said that even a drop out can fix the damage.

For the love of God shut up!!

"Did you say something?"

"U-uh, it was nothing. I'll just be outside."

"Okay. Keep an eye on the cabinet for me."

Athena briskly walked towards the aforementioned maintenance cabinet and leaned on one of the nearby steel supports. Her back slid slowly until she was sitting down, one hand hugging her knees while the other clutched her head in horror. Thunder rolled in, the storm starting to pick up in intensity.

God damn it. Not again.

Not again? That actually hurt~

The blasted voice. Always keeping her company within her thoughts. Ridiculing and berating her in the most inopportune times.

You do realize I am a product of your own creation.

Her own voice. She can hear her own voice calling to her. Only it wasn't her own, it was like every negative thought coalesced into a sentient mind made for the sole purpose of making her mind a living hell.

You know you're doing this to yourself right?

She had to tune it out again somehow, at least until she jumps to her death.

Ha! As if you would actually jump. You're not the boss of me~

Stop mocking me!

"I finally found it!"

Heh, it seems as if your witness is finally making himself useful.

Her head turned towards the direction of the shed. Looks like Eremes finally found a replacement, took him long enough. She slowly stood up from the wet concrete, her hand firmly on a steel beam for support. She had to recompose herself, lest her unwanted rescuer would question what happened. She took a deep breath and made her face look as impassive as it was moments ago. She then saw Eremes come out of the shed with the parts bundled inside a different raincoat, he had a spare inside the locker it would seem. Well, she better attend to the repairs.


*Comms is the abbreviation of Communication

**The characters in this setting are primarily speaking in Greek, but they have English as their second language and usually switches between the two.

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