VII.I Uplifting Spirits
"This is the place." In front of the pair, a familiar building stood, its facade now emitting a cool neon glow as it beckoned for potential costumers. "Right on time too."

"Here again? Seriously?" Eremes knew that there was a bar in there, but still.. "Aren't the drinks here just as expensive as the food?"

"Nonsense. It's reasonably priced for the quality." His imminent drinking partner rebuked as she pulled him into the establishment. "And the drinks here are really good."

As its name implied, the Sun and Moon also had a bar at the backside of the establishment; a blue nondescript mahogany door being the divider between the warm, rustic cafe at the front, and the cool azure velveted room at the back. The reluctant repairman followed closely as she led him through the majority of the cafe, the front counter extending towards and seemingly past the wall as they approached their destination.

"May I see some I.D. miss?" Behind the counter, a heavily bearded man who looked to be in his thi
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