Interlude IV: Basco
A small glimpse...


Deep beneath the ground floor of the Green Star Hotel, a beary, real estate tycoon sat comfortably in his upholstered seat, smoke-filled lungs exhaling with blissful satisfaction as he eyed his latest acquisition. It may have cost him a small fortune, but with the addition of the Macallan 64-Year-Old Scotch, his prized collection rare alcohols grew ever so closer to being complete.

"So tantalizingly close..."

The businessman will always remember the first-ever taste of alcohol he's ever had in his life. He was but a small child back then, merely at the tender age of ten when he first took a sip from the familiar green-tinged bottle that the young man always saw his father drink from. A curious child, he always wondered what his parents were always drinking whenever they looked sad or had what they called a 'rough day', so much as a sip being denied whenever he asked for a taste.

"I've come this far..." Tobacco smoke permeated the cool, musty air of the win
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