71. Arrived

Blasting the chest of the last of the stone soldiers, an outer disciple wiped the sweat off his forehead as he shouted, "That's the last of them!"

"That's good, Keep going," said Elder Zhu Hui curtly while he led the group on the front as if he was in no mood for chitchat.

Soon, the crowd followed behind the elder while many of them wandered their gazes over the scene of destruction they had wrecked for the past hour. Even though it was the stone soldiers who had attacked them first, it was a fact that they were uninvited visitors.

"Lu Ren, are you alright?"

Asking in a tone full of worry, Yi Mo tried to get closer to Luke while she rummaged for something in her bag. Taking out a palm-sized ceramic bottle, Yi Mo unplugged the bottle and took out a small pill and gave it to Luke with an agitated gesture, "Here, this is Nine Cleansing Point pill. It will clear out your bloodstream and accelerate your body regeneration."

Seeing the bottle in Yi Mo's hand, Luke could roughly gu
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