Great Heads

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Great Heads

By: Royal Red OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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This book centers on a lad who flees from Rocain land to another. Kaleb has a consciousness of a curse that follows him wherever he goes. Trouble never leaves him so he calls it a curse.

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41 chapters
In the futureGreat city,Princess Maya, the king's daughter, trains in the courtyard with one of the other knights. They both skillfully tackle each other at some point but Princess Maya wins the fight. She places her right foot on her opponent with the sword pointing at him.“Victory,” She says now removing her leg.“Princess Maya,” The palace servant calls as he bows his head. “the king requests for your audience at the meeting.”She quickly obeys and heads for the palace. She greets as she enters, demonstrating curtsy.The chiefs and honorable officials of the Great city are gathered.“The Rocainians have reinforced. They've joined heads with another nation-” one of the chiefs says but stops talking as he sees Princess Maya.The king signals them to leave by waving a hand.“You called for me sire.” She says with her head still bowing down.The Great king Royal sits on his throne with legs comfortably sprawling and with head resting on one arm. He heaves a sigh before speaking,“Th
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1: Stranger Boy
DarlaHe definitely looked different from normal. Maybe it was the eccentric look he had on his face. That evening, when he first came in, his hazel eyes couldn't stop staring at me for a second. I found it creepy. Well, anyone would.He was a complete stranger that my Grandpa had decided to bring home. His thick dark black hair had water dripping from it, and his shoes squelched at every step he made. He appeared drenched from going under the heavy rain.This was during the late hours when Pa had returned from his usual farming routine. Expecting to meet just grandpa, as usual, I had earlier gone to open the door with a feeling of excitement. Holding onto the unsteady door knob that I had learnt to get use to, I bent it down and as it was finally opened, it revealed a young boy about my height but I certainly was some feet taller, only a few, standing next to Pa. Though the boy that stood beside grandfather had a petrifying scowl on, I remained unflinching.I could see mud stains a
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2: Trust?
DarlaThe boy started talking in his sleep. His head thrust left and right and he seemed disturbed. He seemed as though in a battle, making one guess he was probably having one of those feared bad dreams. At that moment, I almost felt pity for him. He was struggling so much in his dream that it reflected in real life. The stranger seemed lost and unsettled. He was mumbling so many things that we couldn't get the words clearly. Well, at least we knew he spoke. If my Pa wasn't here, I would have gone closer to hear him. The boy suddenly jerked up, panting. He looked more surprised to meet our faces staring at him.“Good morning boy, seems you've woken up.” Pa said, trying to sweep away the awkwardness in the air. “I see you slept in your drenched clothes. Why don't we get you changed and treat your injuries?”He then returned to his gloomy state like Pa hadn't just spoken to him. I wondered what his problem was. At least say hello or thank you.“Looks like someone's still shy. Don't
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3: Kaleb's POV
Kaleb Mother, as always, with her angelic voice, she would sing to I and my twin. Mother was a Forelene and her husband was Rocainian. The history of these people went way back. They were enemies that would pass on their hatred from generation to generation. Some of these Rocainian children didn't even know why they hated the Forelenes. I didn't know.Finding out you were a Forelene living amist the Rocainians was a punishable offense by the law. Death by torture, stoning, and sometimes slavery if lucky. So, it could be said that my parent’s union was forbidden, but they still found a way to keep it a secret.I wondered why they risked such. They never spoke about how they met so we never really knew the story.Rocainians were said to be strong ruthless wealthy individuals that would rather die than let someone stomp on their pride. Pride; it was everything to them. It seemed impossible but I grew up with these people as family. It was like learning two cultures at once. Mother ta
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4: Running
KalebI cleaved the woods with an axe for the fire. Alec watched me as I did so. He had rounded up feeding the horses and was now getting better after some days of rest.The house that we lived in was a spacious one, well furnished and the compound had flowers and trees planted around it. One could even mistake it for a palace.We had our helpers and never had problems with meals on the table. This didn't mean we were lazy. We worked hard every day, at home and on the field and we often assisted the workers. You see, we didn't see them as slaves but rather as family. We didn't get much time to play and enjoy our childhood like the children we were. We weren't humorous and playful lads. This was our lives.“What do you think it's like?” Alec asked me. He stood, with his back leaning on a tree and arms folded with legs crossed. He was this cool-natured person that often showed that his thoughts differed from others.“You'll have to be more specific.” I continued chopping.“The war. I h
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5:  Still Running
KalebWe were still on the run. To confess, for a moment I became grateful for having such a brother. As my eyes closed, trying to already accept death’s embrace, my brother was using that brain of his. I could beat him countless times in fighting, but when it came to critical thinking skills, I was not a match.He thought of a plan for us to get rid of the chasers.“Listen to me!” he called my attention. He spoke out loud enough for me to hear. “They’re not shooting at us yet! Maybe their orders weren't to kill us but probably capture! We just might be able to escape! Kaleb, this may sound foolish but might as well be our only option! We’ve got loose the horse!”“What?” Indeed it sounded foolish.How were we going to make it on foot? Was he saying we could run faster than horses? I blindly followed his orders. It was either die doing nothing or die following Alec's eccentric idea. We were going to die anyway. I had already concluded in my mind.We kept riding on the horse until we g
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6: Still, Running Continues
KalebMy brother, Alec, suggested we kept on moving no matter what. It seemed like an impossible journey, but we kept on going forward with our dizzy eyes. We had become so tired up to the point that it even became unbearable. Looking very tired, Alec, who seemed determined to move on before, also couldn’t hide it anymore.“It seems we’re safe now.” Alec yawned. Maybe some shut eyes here.” He referred to the spot we halted at. His voice sounded weary as he spoke.We did get shut eyes— but it was only for a while. Saying we were safe now was something we were wrong about and should never say. As Alec and I rested once again, we heard an abrupt sound of a tree branch crack. We were taken aback and rose up quickly to look at each other. We still stared at each other but it seemed to have not come from any of us.'What could be in the woods?'We didn't speak. We just nodded our heads negatively to confirm we hadn't made the noise. Slightly, my heart began to lurnch with pain and my stoma
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7: Found
KalebS|n: surnameI felt giddy. My eyes opened slowly and the first thing my eyes met was a big thick clothe strewn over me. I looked around to see myself lying beside harvested farm produce. My body moved rhythmically to the movement of the carriage I was in. I wondered what had happened and how I got captured again. After all my efforts, I still ended up being taken as a prisoner.Although I found the farm produce on the carriage strange. I began to recollect what had happened. I remember escaping on a horse, then fell off due to my unbalanced position and lack of control over the hostile horse. I knew I felt rain pouring on me, and that was it. I had blacked out for the rest parts. I felt a severe headache as I rose up. My hands were free which was another weird thing I observed. Why would they capture me and let me move freely in a cart that wasn’t escape-proof? I could escape if I wanted to. Maybe I was wrong. I couldn't escape since I was weak and weary. I removed the doub
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8: Found II
KalebThe old fellow had told me that I could call him Grandfather or Pa for short. He helped take care of my wounds better. He was very friendly to me. He was someone I certainly did not even know before now, yet showed concern.I still occupied the room I had slept in.“Have this,” he said to me, giving me a large sized shirt and a pair of brown pants. “You can join us for breakfast after you wash up.”He was about leaving the room when I asked him, “Is this Forestille?”With a friendly grin plastered across his face, he replied, “Well, this as you can see is my little cottage where I farm. A single house can not be a town. Although Forestille's just a few miles away.”“Can you take me there?” I inquired, possessing an amount of hope.“You should have a bath and eat first.”He then left the room and closed the door behind him.At the breakfast table, seeing the way the food was arranged across the table made me realize that I had not had anything to eat for days! I was starved!God,
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9: Forestille
DarlaThe both of them cheerfully danced to the tune of the music. The singers at the festival did not fail to showcase their melodious voices as they performed. Kaleb nervously stared at Beryl in complete ignorance of what to do.She held his hands like a captain stirring a boat, controlling his every step. He was so bad at it, I thought in my head almost laughing out loud.Of course I maintained my non-interested look and behaviour, but the sight was so lovely. I felt my cheeks lift from their usual grumpy position. Looking at Kaleb, was it just me or he actually seemed really shy, not just because of his unfamiliarity with dancing, but just being around Beryl?I was still standing there, enjoying this blissful show before I suddenly felt my body move. It followed the hand that dragged me.“Dance, Darla. Dance,” Beryl said to me as she stood in our middle, with our hands locked in hers doing the cancan dance.I admit, it was actually fun. Freeing one's self from hate and worries onc
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