Limitless Blood

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Limitless Blood

By: Kennie Re OngoingFantasy

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The modern world that has been divided into two worlds blocked by hexagonal light, inhabited by a collection of vampires and humans. While vampires themselves are divided into three groups, blue-blood which is the highest level in the world of vampires, red-blood which is the middle level where vampires that have got a zign or sign will gather and enter this group, then the third is dark-blood which is a vampire that is devastating and has various forms. Mauver is a young CEO of blue-blood descent (marriage between a human and a blue-blood vampire) trying to gather vampires who do not yet have a zign or sign to be accepted in their world and enter the red-blood class. Those who do not have that sign have two possibilities, destroyed or automatically enter into the dark-blood class whose duties and functions destroy the world order. To get zign is not easy, Mauver must fight many enemies from the dark-blood group. Once, Mauver came a man with light encompassing his entire body until Mauver felt the glare every time he looked at him. He gave Mauver a place, the highest place in the vampire order, even higher than the blue-blood. The god of all vampires—The gold-blood that vampires and humans rarely know. Only, in order to maintain his position, he must faced with dark-blood vampires and even other groups like blue-blood who also want that position. Until then he learns the girl he loves—a human—was bitten by one of the red-blood who perverts and turns into a vampire. However, with his position as the God of the vampires, it was extremely difficult for him to directly plunge into the world of vampires as well as humans. And can't jump right into a zign for new vampires.

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8 chapters
In a world, modern but full of events untouched by human reason. A world inhabited by vampires and humans living side by side. Separately by a hexagonal light wave which is unknown who created, world order is formed where vampires have a world in the human world, and vice versa.The hexagon bulkhead itself resembles an aurora light with various colors that no one can penetrate unless a blue-blood finds a human who will be its pure-blood candidate. The humans will be able to penetrate the bulkhead like a magnetic force that pulls them closer, and then in one pull by the vampires, they will enter the world of vampires.Humans cannot touch the vampire world and vice versa unless they become pure-blood or suppliers through union with blue-blood as demanders. Apart from that, they are only able to communicate with each other virtually in the form of holograms.After even unification, they must be confirmed by the gift of the sign by the supreme ruler of the blue blood; then, they are legit
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Chapter 1
The bright light of a simple house suddenly turned radiant and dazzling. The sound of the baby's cries echoed as a woman sobbed.A beautiful woman with rosy cheeks rubs sweat on her forehead. Today she is perfect as a woman, a mother. She gave birth to a handsome baby boy. A faint silver light appeared on the baby's body. A blue-blood descendant has been born. Elora, the beautiful woman, smiled softly, holding the tiny baby in her hand. Turning to her husband, a pure blue-blood vampire or also called silver blue, Aranza. He looked at his wife's tired face, then kissed his forehead."Thank you for giving me the perfect life," he said with an unfaded smile.They have a son. The man who had been destined to become a gold-blood, the highest class, rarely known to humans or vampires.Fate is inevitable, a great responsibility as the God of the vampires.***Mauver rose from the bed. Only the boxer was left attached to his body. The weather was so hot that he couldn't get out of the house.
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Chapter 2
Mauver drove his motorcycle through the road in front of him. In the backseat sat a girl he had just found and was about to be pure-blooded to him. The girl wraps her arms around them, holding tight to his waist. Her hair fluttered as the wind hit. "Uhm, what was your name? Maurer? Can you slow down? If I die, you will lose your food stock." The girl squealed with a deliberately hardened voice. The wind and noise of the vehicle make any noise sink and inaudible.Hearing the girl's words, Mauver hit the brakes suddenly. The sound of the tires squealing and the back of the bike slightly rising forced the girl to stick her body closer to him."Oh, for whatever is protecting vampires and humans, I beg you to protect me! I still want to live longer, don't want to die silly," the girl said.Mauver removed the helmet and then glanced into the backseat where the girl was sitting, closing her eyes as proof that she was so scared. "We've arrived; open your eyes," Mauver said with a smile. The
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Chapter 3
"Viona ...." A voice called her out softly. She looked to the right and left, looking for where the voice came from. She walked pretty far and doesn't know where she is right now.It was all dark, just the dim light of the moon and fireflies that helped her look around."Viona...." Again, the voice called her name even a few times."Who are you?" In the end, she ventured to answer while still finding out the source of the call.She continued to move slowly and carefully. It could be that in front, there lies a deep chasm, and she will fall if she does not pay attention and recognize the environment where she is now.Trees and plants are everywhere. She can feel the bush, as well as the weed plants that occasionally sway and touch his bottomless feet.The call was heard again. This time as if it was around her."Mauver ...!" Viona cried. Only that name was on her mind right now. She was now the pure-blood of the man. Then it was his duty to protect her. But where is he at the moment?V
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Chapter 4
"But when are you going to confirm me?" asked Viona, confirming the decision made by Mauver. The man did not immediately respond. He was silent and looked like he was thinking."Mauver! Answer my question!" Viona began to get impatient. Mauver threw his gaze at the girl, staring into her eyes meaningfully."No, don't try to reread my mind! " Viona turned her back, thinking that Mauver wouldn't be able to read her mind.The man got up from his place, slowly walking towards where Viona was now. He was sitting next to the girl who was still turning her face away from him."Even if you hide your face, I can still read your mind, Viona. Now listen to me ...." Mauver emphasized his words. Slowly the girl turned her body back towards Mauver. "You know. If you don't get into a union with me tonight, your life is in danger?" asked Mauver to ensure the girl knew the procedure and purpose of the union between pure blood and blue blood.The girl nodded, looking back at her face. She didn't dare
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Chapter 5
"Mr. Zelvagas, is it okay if we left her that way?" asked a red-blood maid who worked as a housekeeper in Mauver's house. Mauver, standing in front of the window and staring outside, replied without turning his body around."Yes, let it go. I will take care of anything else. Thank you, Eleanor," he replied as he researched his vast garden that was beginning to go unattended. It's time to re-hired a gardener to take care of the garden as well as the plants that are there. Mauver turned around and squealed a step toward Fiona's room. There, the girl was still lying weak and pale. This is something that has never happened before, especially in his house. Is this girl hallucinating?A few days of nightmares and then as if chased by something. Is it possible for the dark blood to make it inside his house? Mauver seemed to be thinking. If there was a dark-blood man in his house, there was no way he wouldn't have noticed it. Moreover, entering the environment of a blue-blood is not an eas
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Chapter 6
The girl's body stiffened as Mauver's sharp fangs began to break through and tear through her veins. The girl rolled like she was in the moment of death. Her mouth gaped, but there was no sound coming out, just a sigh that was also disjointed. Her fingernails stuck in Mauver's back but were ignored by the man.Mauver grabbed Viona's body and held her without releasing a bite to the girl's neck. He sucked Viona's red liquid greedily as if he had been infused with his thirst for many years.In the last seconds of their union, the screams that had been caught up finally escaped. Mauver pulled out his fangs slowly after sucking the girl's blood, possibly until it dried up. While Viona, who was between life and death, sculpted either because she had lost most of her energy or was still shaken by what she had just experienced. Are they done? Does this mean she's officially pure-blooded?The wild eyes and fangs that originally changed Mauver's appearance became terrifying; now, it has chang
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Chapter 7
Viona slowly stepped into the castle building. Her eyes wandered throughout the room, both watching and satisfying the curiosity of the questions in her head. About who the figure greeting them at the entrance was, about how this meeting was going to go, and more.Mauver was able to read it all. He tightened his grip on Viona."You don't have to worry; I'm here," he said, comforting Viona. The girl just smiled, hesitant.Although Mauver was a blue-blood knight until now, Viona had never witnessed the man's ability in terms of fighting. It was natural for her to doubt. However, now that she was a pure-blood, she should trust Mauver as her demander.Mauver led Viona into the hall, where hundreds of vampires and pure-bloods gathered. Some were mingling; some were alone. Even some pure-bloods did not join anyone; their faces looked anxious and uneasy. Did they think the same thing he was worried about right now?Viona wondered what made them look uneasy. However, she tried to hide it from
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