Chapter 113

Eren's mind raced as he absorbed the revelation that the Fire Dragon, Ugram, was bound by a sacred pact to protect and aid the Pendragon family. The implications were vast and hinted at a deeper conspiracy that had plagued his past life.

His thoughts turned to the decline of the Pendragon family in his previous life. He recalled the tragic event that wiped out his entire family, leaving him as the sole survivor. It had been a night of chaos and destruction, with the fire dragon going on a rampage, nearly destroying the empire.

But the fire dragon was now telling that it wasn’t the one Eren pondered the events, he couldn't shake off the feeling that there was more to the story. The pieces didn't fit together neatly, and there were gaps in his memory, as if some crucial information was intentionally hidden from him.

"Ugram, I believe there was a traitor among the Pendragon household in my past life," Eren began, his voice firm and resolute. "Someone who betrayed us and manipulated the
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