Chapter 616
Silvia was full of ideas - in enriching themselves.

Don't you think we need to upgrade our system again, supernatural creatures walk in freely now?"

"I heard that." Silvia told him and he hides his face immediately.

"Good Job everyone, I guess now they know that they ain't welcomed." Xavier announced clapping loudly.

"There are more of them that keep coming out from the opening, we only stopped one out of a hundred." Hannah told them.

"They're not a big deal, we just need enough hands." Silvia told them.

"That's the spirit, We got you guys, we also got Smoke-Kid and his friends from Keystone as well, " Glenn announced.

"The only person I recognize in Keystone is Smoke-Head, the others are humans except for Camille Fernando who's no inch close to been normal."

"I heard that loud and clear, Queen Hybrid."They heard a voice and turned to see Camille marching in with her Sister and Harry behind.

"Seems we have a full house." Harry said looking around.

"I remember calling thirty mi
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