The Urban God

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The Urban God

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Elion gets denied by his father and divorced by his wife, He loses his son and even his life, although he merits a second chance when he gets chosen by a system force, that gives him unimaginable powers to level up and gain new abilities to avenge his son, who was kidnapped and killed! so he thunders with a sweet and a deadly revenge. Elion - The Lion Returns! Now to be called... The Urban God.


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Chapter 01
Thunder - Claps!Whilst Elion Elzeus the unknown Son - inlaw drifted against the breeze to a halt.Elion removes his helmet seeing different luxurious cars parked in his family's compound with officers around the different areas of the house like some sort of secret service War Zone.He wondered if his wife and son were safe.But what worried him the most, was the message he got from his son's school.Elion learnt that Harbert was sent home.Because his fees of two terms wasn't paid.Elion couldn't comprehend it.He had always planned his child's future.His Wife - Emma should definitely have an explanation concerning that."Emma, where are you?" He called immediately as he entered the newly decorated parlour.He checked where he had left some cash but it wasn't there, so he called on to his wife again."How daft, come upstairs!" An elderly old and familiar female voice answered rudely upstairs.He walked upstairs staring at Mrs. Donvilla, looking at him like a devil.His heart pounded
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Chapter 02
Elion Elzeus felt his heart Crack."How could you!?" He growled out disappointed as he took a step closer towards Emma.She didn't care how he felt.She was ready to get rid of him and their child.She was ready to do these for Wilfreds' sake, especially since it would make her family richer.His Emma finally brought his fear before him… She always looked down on him and compared him with the wealth Wilfred had, and this made him fear losing her or breaking the family up."You know this reminds me of a story." Elion said as he began to cry terribly in pain, while he recalled how even his mother was rejected by his father because she was poor and invaluable of love.Elion loved Emma despite the fact that she tormented him in their marriage.It felt like his Adoption of Harbert was now unnecessary as Harbert had to bear with her unmotherly behaviour with Harbert."You know he is too little to follow the school bus, and you didn't even care to pick him up, Oh common Emma! He's a child." E
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Chapter 03
In this Chaos - Elion felt he died.The bus enters the sea.Sinking him at an extreme speed.And he didn't want to believe it.He didn't want to acknowledge that his son was gone... Out of his very own hands.He failed to protect him and let him go.He was full of so much hate for himself."My son is without me!" He cried with all the air in his lungs, escaping through the bus as he began to jerk for air.He reasoned they would be no one to take care of his little Harbert while he was gone.The sea at this point had become his tears."Why did she ruin our Family?" He cried in his heart."He deserved to be safe like every other kid." He mourned in pain while drowning, choking badly as he ran out of air and lost consciousness."Hosts Found, system Activated." A voice says in his head as a blasting Ray fires out from his eyes, with a force pushing him out of the sea."Ahh!" He coughed out painfully as he throw out water looking around his environment before he See's a cute Robotic creatur
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Chapter 04
Elion's System - Appears in his front."Master Elion, Can I tell you something?" Zack said, Opening his cute Palms."I checked him up… I doubt he can survive this, I already used my powers to heal you and have nothing left for him, I'm sorry." Zack said, looking at the ground, sad.Elion placed his hand over his head feeling traumatised as he cried, while they both stared as they doctors fired Electric shocks into Harberts chest to wake him up.It continued for a while before the doctors stopped, they seemed tense too."There's no heartbeat." A doctor added.Elion and Zack closed their eyes in return.Elion felt his soul re-Die inside of him.Then he opened his eyes up again.The doctor turned to stare at him through the glass wall and Elion removed his eyes from hers, closing his eyes in his pains.Zack Grabs Elion to himself."Elion." Zack sobs as Elion opens his eyes up again in shock, shaking and terrified as he takes further steps into the room.Turns out the Doctors couldn't see
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Chapter 05
Elion entered the church unnoticed.But it seems he came rather late."I do." Emma accepts her Oath."You may kiss the bride." The priest blessed them as Elion stared at Wilfred kissing his wife and even grabbing her ass, making even Emma unsettled.Elion was so wretched that they didn't even require his signature to get legally divorced, he wasn't important since they had money to do and Undo their marriage.Everyone got up on their feets clapping as they intimately kept romanticising each other before him, he watched the woman he loved so much embrace another man.He smiled, clapping too.But his claps were harder and louder.It carried even much more power than any other sound could make.Their kiss gets separated as a result.Emma turned to look at him."How did he even get in here?" Wilfred Decasto yelled at his bodyguards."Oh would you shut up!" Elion fired back.His plan to ruin the wedding was working.Wilfred had always wanted Emma so badly for himself, Even so, he knew she w
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Chapter 06
Elion clenched his Fists In Pain.He Managed to get up but it seemed like he had fallen into a Nightmare as he turned to see his son, starring back at him."You let me die!" His son yells at him."I didn't." Elion tried to talk to him."All I ever did was to protect you, I love you and I will never hurt you." Elion added."You should have known all this while that Wilfred never was mummies friend... I couldn't tell you all they did when I was Alive!" Harbert said in tears."What did they do?" Elion asked him."Every Time you went to the workshop, mum and Wilfred had fun times in bed! She betrayed you, she broke our family." He mournfully cries."Wilfred plotted my kidnap and your death, but you survived." Harbert replies his father in pain."What?" Elion asked, taking a step back.He was shocked."Yes, This was his great Plan and we were ruined in it." Harbert added, whilst Elion didn't want to believe Wilfred would do that to him."But why will he hurt you?" Elion asked back."Because
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Chapter 07
Blood Spilled through the air.Elion's painful Mourns followed.His Legs were shot multiple times."Will you keep quiet... You dared to come to my wedding and spoil my day Elion... You thought you would go free after making such a mess on my special day?... No! No! Never!" Wilfred growls."Well, You did make my plans to wreck Emma so Easy, although the shame you had threw upon me will cost you your life!" Mr. Wilfred said to a heavily bleeding Elion like a Heartless bastard."You all deserved your day ruined... You took my wife, killed my son and you ruined my life and you think crippling me will stop me... I will crawl over your dead body until I have avenged my child, you can't run from karma." Elion screamed angrily at him, shocking Wilfred.Wilfred was surprised that even so he had shot multiple bullets through Elion's Legs and had crippled him... The same almost dead Elion was still full of anger and Vengeance."You know, One thing I have always admired is the fact that you always
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Chapter 08
The Urban God Awakened.Elion rose out from the flames.His eyes were glowing a bloody rage as he seemed like a celestial being, while levitating in the air, so full of an avengeful chaos!The last of the ship exploded as Elion swerved over the sea water, watching his image reflection which entailed that he was totally a different person entirely, He looked almost too perfect."Your agony and pain were so intense that you couldn't call on me for help, but since your body was destroyed by acid and fire, I gave you a new one." The voice in his head says."Thanks." He replied his consciousness."Based on your knowledge, You will be indestructible and unrecognisable, this new body will protect who you really are but still you level up to gain access to your powers ." Zack said in his head as he looked at his now Ripped out body which carried his packs that were sectioned like metallic chiseled irons and his chest which was now looking pumped out.He touches his hair changing, using his pow
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Chapter 09
Elion looked at the man astonished."Young man, what is your name?" Dian's grandpa asked him as soon as they entered a room together with over six doctors.With many other relatives there too."I'm called Elion sir." He replied to him."Everyone get out, except Elion." The old man orders but everyone still stayed in."Feel free to stay and I will make sure... I rip off your family name!" The old man yells, threatening their inheritance before he coughs, with a doctor heading to help but he uses a magazine over his hand to beat the doctor off from his side."Out!" He shouted and everyone left them."Young boy, these are my last days, as you can see... I have cancer and I need to thank and reward you for saving my daughter's life at this end, because without you... I won't have been able to write my will today." He said to Elion."You're an Elzeus." The old man states, causing Elions heart to beat in fear."Why do you disguise yourself?" The old man asked but Elion stayed quiet - frighte
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Chapter 10
Elion walked past the chaos.Watching as Dian cries for her father.Just Looking at her alone got him in the mood.Elion felt the pressure rising down there as he left the patient room standing outside.Although... This was a time to mourn.This was the first time in decades that he felt this much urge towards someone at a wrong Time.Though Elion felt different still.Elion could tell that the voice in his head did some evil architecture over his little man.It now looked, Thick - Long and Huge.Elion wished to have joined the Decasto's fake mourning with Emma but he still left.Soon afterwards Elion had soon reached his uncle's club, excited to meet his uncle.His uncle definitely won't know it's him.Since a lot about him had changed."This doesn't look like a safe place Elion, are you here for the ladies?" the Voice In his head asked."You're in my mind, tell me about it?" Elion asked his system, before giving out a smile.It turns out that no one could hear Elion's System except E
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