Myriad Returning System

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Myriad Returning System

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🏆[No.3 "Outstanding An Story" of "The Ultimate Fantasy" Contest]🏆 -- [Congratulations to cuckolded host for successfully awakening the Myriad Returning System.] ........ James Flynn, an ordinary college student who was betrayed by his girlfriend because he was too poor received a system that altered the trajectory of his life completely. With the welcome of this system, James shall realize that the world he lives in is more than what meets the eye, he shall also know of his mysterious identity which is anything but ordinary, and all the mysteries unknowingly surrounding him. He shall go against several powers and organizations and he shall gain a lot of powerful and mysterious abilities. He would dominate the normal, abnormal, and fantasy world. Follow James as he travels between States, countries, and worlds, creating wonders and legends. This is an urban, system, and fantasy novel filled with drama, comedy, mysteries, secrets, face-smacking, love, actions, and many more. ****** Please, as this is my first signed book, the first several chapters might have some errors in them, but I promise that the deeper you go, the better the book would become, and the more you would realize how great this book is, thank you.


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218 chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter OneSystem awakening "Why!! Why did you do this to me?! I have shown you nothing but love and affection since the day we met!"At the entrance of a five stars hotel, six people were presently standing in front of a malnourished handsome boy, three boys, and three girls.Out of the six, two stood out, a boy and a girl.They were currently hugging each other shamelessly as if scared that one of them would run off.The malnourished boy's face is already filled with sadness at this moment, as he stared at the girl in the boy's arms."What do you mean I did to you?!" The girl, a commonly beautiful girl questioned angrily, disgust written clearly all over her face."How dare you still accuse me, hun?! I've been with you for over four years, but have you ever bought anything expensive for me? What you always bought for me are cheap things."The girl pointed angrily at the thin and malnourished looking."I also want to live lavishly, to use expensive things…. I'm tired of your po
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Chapter 2
Chapter Two First Mission [Host is the first user that would be using the system after the system's creation.]James listened carefully to the voice in his head, his face fully focused.According to what the voice in his head told him, it was created Five million years ago, and it had been waiting patiently since then for someone compatible with it.It has been going around the universe, and beyond, looking for its host, unfortunately, it found no one.It says earth was the number 936,647,629,709 world it has been to, and that it just got here today when it felt a strong bond suddenly established between itself and him.James went through everything in his mind again and finally sighed."What….."[Host does not need to open his mouth to communicate with the system."The system sounded frustrated as it corrected James, making James feel embarrassed.'It's not like you have told me that before,' he thought angrily.[I could hear that]
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Chapter 3
Chapter Three The Spreading Rumors Staring at his cell phone, James saw that was a call from a strange number.He thought for a while and finally connected the call before it dropped."Good day sir, please am I talking with mister James, James Flynn?"James heard a woman's voice that sounded melodious to the ear."Yes, please who am I speaking with?""I am Ayra, a manager at Mcdonalds' restaurant."The voice paused, waiting for James to say something, but James has already become stunned at this moment to say anything.His mouth had become wide open.He's still finding the money that just entered his account unbelievably, now the company his system told him he has shares in is calling him."We just received the notice that you have bought 20% shares of the company, making you the third largest stakeholder of the company."The angelic and soothing voice continued, sounding amazing."If I may ask sir, which city are you located in?"James finally reacted when he heard the question
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Chapter 4
Chapter Four Stomach Empire James who knows nothing is currently strolling happily in the street.He listened to the never-ending System chatter patiently while making different plans in his head.It was the system that convinced James earlier to stand up and leave there, that he had been getting unwanted attention upon himself.[Why did host do such a thing, did host want those lowly people to ridicule him?]It is currently saying, but James does not care.He even began to hum some tone to himself happily.'What am I even doing? I'm wealthy now, shouldn't I be enjoying my money?!"He suddenly remembered something.'I should first eat my shares of meals, I should eat all the meals I haven't eaten in days!'James flagged a taxi."Where is the most expensive and high-end restaurant in this town located?"He asked the driver who couldn't help but stare at James from head to toe in ridicule.'This boy that looks so poor and malnour
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Chapter 5
Chapter Five Gifting his Silver card to an armless man James could not remember if he had ever felt satisfied to this extent before in his entire life.Although he has long finished his meal and had allowed it to digest a bit, he could still remember how delicious they felt on his taste bud.They are definitely worth their money.James has already made up his mind that he would come to dine in this restaurant again in the future, to eat his fill.Once outside, James decided to stroll a bit, to let the meals he just had digest more.Although it does not show outside, thanks to the clothes he wore, James knew that his stomach has bloated at this moment, and he might start feeling pain if he does not let it go down.Just as James left the restaurant compound, he saw someone staring deeply at the restaurant.It was an armless man.James decided to pause and ask the man what he wants.With how weak the man looks, James has already concluded what the man wants in h
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Chapter 6
Chapter Six Going To Class Amidst The School Ridicule James was treated like an egg that might brake anytime by his brothers for the rest of that day.After his friends took him into the room amidst different disdain gazes, they decided not to discuss what happened, apart from telling James repeatedly that he shouldn't think of Sarah anymore.James truly felt frustrated by his friend's nagging.He wanted to tell them that he was not hurt by Sarah, but he knew they would not believe him, so he decided against it.Like that, they began to monitor James, as if scared he would run off or do something they would regret which was so unnecessary.At night, the last of the four friends, the fourth bro was given money to go buy dinner which he helplessly complied with.James could almost swear that the sleep he has that night was the most fulfilling and peaceful sleep he has had since ages ago."What's with all of you?"James was suddenly stunned when he saw the
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Chapter 7
Chapter SevenGetting Invited To A Birthday Party James stared expressionlessly at this person coming towards him.She looks so unfamiliar to him at this moment, that he could almost swear he does not know her before.It might be because James has finally seen through her façade yesterday, at this moment, he just felt that Sarah is a complete stranger to him."I heard you went crazy yesterday because I broke up with you."Sarah had been feeling so uncomfortable since she saw the headlines yesterday.She felt that everybody began pointing at her everywhere she goes, she couldn't take it in anymore so she decided to come earlier this morning to class so that she could clear off the misunderstanding.She wants everybody to know clearly that she has nothing to do with James anymore.James only continued staring expressionlessly at her, feeling lazy to answer her.He suddenly realized that he might not have loved this girl in the past.If he had truly and certainly loved her the way
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Chapter 8 - Do Not Try To Get A Vehicle's Way Again In The Future
CHAPTER EIGHT Do Not Try To Get A Vehicle's Way Again In The Future James stared with his eyes wide open, and his mouth agape at this shameless person in his front. He couldn't help but find him extremely irritating to his eyes. He was clearly in his right, and here is the other party blaming him for the accident that almost occurred. "You know clearly that you are at fault here, dude!" James began to think that the other party is a dumb fellow at this juncture, if not, shouldn't he be apologizing for what he almost caused? Lean's eyes suddenly widen in surprise when he heard what James said. Since he got admitted to this school, this would be the first time anyone would dare speak to him like this. It felt so shocking to him. "Hun…. Is that not the boy that went crazy yesterday because his girlfriend dumped him?!" People began to murmur as they point their fingers at James. "He seemed to have offended Lean Markwood?!" Another person pointed out
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Chapter 9 - Misunderstanding
CHAPTER NINE MISUNDERSTANDING James' head is currently raised, staring at the tall building that almost looked like a skyscraper before him. He felt a little proud and accomplished at this moment. 'I'm one of the owners of this worldwide known restaurant from now on.' James felt like he was still dreaming. [Hope host knew he has been standing there foolishly and staring like a dumb fellow for almost thirty minutes now?] James was suddenly interrupted by a condescending robotic voice in his head. He couldn't help but feel a great headache wash over him. 'Can't you just for once speak like a normal system, hun?!' [Host should not try to humiliate me, this is how I am created, to have and express emotions.] 'Express emotions?! With that robotic voice of yours?!' James could only shake his head helplessly thinking which pervert had created such a system. He glanced around him, and he could see the place bus
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Chapter 10 - Your Little Trick Would Not Work On Me
CHAPTER TEN YOUR TRICK WOULD NOT WORK ON ME Startled, James and Ayra both turned around to glance at the source of the voice. Ayra instantly became confused while James became stunned. "Hadn't I told you that I'm no longer interested in you?" The voice continued angrily. "Sarah, is this guy monitoring you around, why would he be here waiting for you?" "Maybe he still thought he would be given another chance?" James' eyes became wide open when he heard what Sarah and her friends were saying. 'What the hell is with these people?!" Ayra is already staring interestingly at the scene being played out at this moment. She already gained a little understanding of what was going on, so she does not intend to get involved. "Did I not just tell you today, never to show before me again in the remaining of your life?" Sarah stared angrily at James as if she couldn't wait to butcher him. "Who is this person?" One of the girls b
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