BC Vingt-Une

       "Be sincere with me."

      Probably twas a rotation. Like the sway of the callous clouds basked in misdemeanor and haughty hurls. One for the other would prick a strange and made the other make a sense or trail the same track. The idea was locked and the pull to it was quite the strange. The turn per time had been shaken and the will to foster things was quite the smothered. The brim of thoughts to fashion its hideout as time would make known its hideous motive. A game of fixed constancy and eerie extension of will, passion and torn time. Quite the revolving and strained moment.

      She'd simply started off with the way she'd go by words. Played around them or made them into rage of naught. Her thoughts were the prime of her decision. She thought of all that that was there to be thought of. Her patience was not severed. She knew what she wanted to hea

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