Bonus Chapter Sept

    "Feign the gift..."

    Skepticism was not an option. His thoughts were plying a rusty route paved by the prior statement. He wanted to tell his new cub and wife a tale, and probably he was employing the former as a prompt into doing so. His dusty belly was whispering to the wily earth. The two limbs thrusted forward bore the 2 weeks old cub. His empress sharing an adjacent border with this taunting tale. He hadn't thought that his marriage would be blessed so quickly and efficiently. Torn ticker skipped and his larynx abducted a syllabic sway as he pruned a melody with difficulty and steadiness, conscious of not crooning ajar.

     The order of the also was tampered with as few vultures paged the wanky wings to bear thrilled tidings of haughty denotations. Apt azure pulled its cover and was disrobed as salient sun tottered by to mock its packless stomach. Pious winds at this skipped in hampered haste p

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