Into The Future XV

     " Machli, Machli, Machli..."

       That was the trail of words he heard. He heard only the words but not the owner. He wanted the owner to see but was left hanging in curiosity. He was pining for what was not far away from him. He was longing for what was at his disposal. All he needed was just to be patient enough but he was defected. He wouldn't. He couldn't wait for it. His heart had tiptoed and he was giving it all he could, he guessed. Who was the person who had called him? Who knew him? Who was acquainted with his name? He couldn't be really sure. He couldn't arrive at a sane conclusion. But of course he needed to be sure. He needed to arrive at a sane conclusion. He needed to put his heart up. He needed a mark to make. He needed to put quite the numbers of things straightly. He was counting his options. He couldn't be sure whether or not he was save. He couldn't be sure whether or not he knew wher

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