The Long-Awaited Heir

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The Long-Awaited Heir

By: Anderson José Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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When trying to protect a friend from a bully at Sterling University, Matthew Silva finds himself involved in a series of events that lead him to discover that he was not born to be a mere grill cook at the university campus kiosk. Matthew was destined for greatness and power, but adverse forces pulled him away from his path. With the truth coming to light, it is up to him to have the determination to find out what happened and the courage to face those who oppose him.

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  • Cipriano Rivera


    This is an inspiring story, talented individuals ate considered worthy of praise and respect; whereas riches is not everything. This book teaches good values everybody should learn. i want to know the good twist of the story and the secrets.

    2023-11-02 05:38:15
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Chapter 01 The Grill Cook
“Two Cheeseburgers to go, please!”“Matt, two cheeseburgers!”Matthew was in a corner of the kiosk trying to read an Economics book, but with the order given by his superior, he patiently left the book with the marker on the page where he stopped and got up to go to the hot plate.Grabbing cheese and hamburger meats, Matthew began the preparation. After cooking so much, Matthew could make snacks with his eyes closed.While preparing the order, Matthew began to reflect on his life so far.The customers who eagerly awaited the order were university students, attending the famous and private Sterling University, the most popular and referenced Higher Education institution in the state of Espírito Santo. The two-story university was built with the same appearance and architecture seen in the world’s most famous universities.For someone to say they would study at Sterling was the same as saying they would study at Harvard or Oxford.The building was erected by the famous Rocha Constructio
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Chapter 02 Disappointment
“ARGH!” Matthew screamed in pain.Matthew was not a weak man. The difficult life he led made him endure a lot. He never shied away from hard work, causing him to gain stamina and physical strength.But being completely taken by surprise by David, it was inevitable that he wouldn’t feel some pain. Still, David’s friends laugh thinking that Matthew was nothing more than a useless weakling.“A light kick like that, and he screams like a little girl!”“For a moment, I thought I was going to witness a real fight.”“The waitress is lost if she really needed the grill cook!”“Come on, man, get up!” David bellows imperially, “You asked, and now you’ve got trouble!”But Clayton appeared from inside the kiosk, rubbing his hands on his apron, “Hey, you guys, stop it or I’ll call campus security!”David looks arrogantly at Clayton, “Are you also going to call my father to teach this worm who dared to defy me a lesson?”Patricia doesn’t remain silent, “Mr. Saldanha, that’s not what—”“You know wha
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Chapter 03 To the Rectory
Matthew felt a mixture of surprise and disappointment. Cindy was reacting as if they were strangers or as if they had broken up years ago. He observed Ricardo and saw how he smiled mockingly.“What’s going on here?” Matthew asks, not so sure he wants to know the answer.Ricardo steps in front of Cindy and responds on her behalf, “Look, my friend, I don’t know what Cindy said – or what she didn’t say – the point is that we’ve been dating for months. I think we should dissolve any misunderstanding before the situation becomes more embarrassing than it already is.”Matthew’s eyes widen. He tries all the time to face Cindy, but she doesn’t have the guts to face him.“Ricardo, allow me to resolve this...” Cindy asks in a low voice.“No, darling. As a gentleman, I can’t let you expose yourself.”Matthew finally says, “Cindy, is this the journalist who is investigating a corrupt politician? What if he puts you in danger?”“Matt, I already told you that’s not going to happen!” Cindy speaks in
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Chapter 04 Mr. Sterling
Walter stands up abruptly, his brow furrowed, eager to defend his friend, “Excuse me, there’s an injustice happening here. Who are you, the new university inspector?” Another colleague comments, “If Matt got into trouble with David Rocha, then that’s not an injustice, Walter!” A girl says dismissively, “Yes, yesterday’s fight was spread on the campus social media, Walter. Haven’t you seen it yet?” “I don’t have time for this nonsense!” Walter exclaims. “Is that you Matthew Silva?” The fifty-year-old man slightly narrows his eyes, as if he already knew that whoever was speaking was a friend of the person he was looking for. “No, I’m Walter Andrade.” Walter speaks boldly. The surname Andrade should spark some interest in the middle-aged man, given that the Andrade family has a network of private clinics famous for serving people of all ages and social classes. But the man didn’t change his stance, “I just came here to take Matthew Silva.” The professor also notices that the man
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Chapter 05 The Not-So-Faithful Girlfriend
Abner leafs through Matthew’s academic record very carefully. He nods with a calm but observant look. Matthew just wonders what the old man must be thinking.“Your grades are very good and your class attendance is above average.” Abner finally speaks.Matthew allows himself to smile. At least someone is saying something nice, “Thank you, Mr. Sterling.”Abner continues to flip through and read, “No internships in the field yet?”“Like I told you, I’m working at the square kiosk here,” Matthew responds with a touch of pride.“But you’re wondering if you’ll be able to buy your mother’s medicine. In other words, that means you’re not earning enough income.” Abner has a worried expression.Matthew starts to find something strange. This is not the talk about someone who will be expelled from an educational institution...“Mr. Sterling, I know you care and I appreciate that. But can we formalize my expulsion once and for all? I think I’ve learned my lesson.”Abner, however, raises his head a
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Chapter 06 An Unforeseen Event
Walter finishes eating his snack and gestures to Patricia.“Yes, Walt?”“How much is the snack? Bring the bill, please.”“Yes... oh, damn!” Patricia looks in the direction where David is approaching.Walter turns his head in the same direction and his eyes narrow in discomfort.Especially as he sees an uncomfortable Cindy being forced by the bully to approach the kiosk.Thinking that David wants to cause another scene with Matthew, Walter stands up and greets them ironically, “David Rocha! What a pleasure, I didn’t need to drive Cindy here. As my best friend’s girlfriend, she would come here voluntarily.”David smiles evilly, “She was running away, I don’t know why. Maybe she can explain it to us.”Patricia still doesn’t know that Cindy and Matthew have broken up. Therefore, she goes inside the kiosk.Matthew is idle and is drying his hands on a threadbare handkerchief.“Matt!” Patricia exclaims, “David is outside, pushing Cindy here. I think he’s up to something!”“What an idiot! I k
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Chapter 07 More Humiliations
The doctor informs Matthew what happened in a normal tone, “Your mother is medicated, under control. She stopped coughing and is now sleeping.”“What’s wrong with her, doctor?” Matthew is a little relieved to know that his mother’s life is not in danger.“We still don’t know for sure. When she showed up, paramedics said they found her coughing violently, with her hands on her neck.” The doctor states, “Does she have any allergies?”Matthew swallows hard, understanding why, “No, doctor, but we’re residents of Lion’s Den. Our house isn’t the best example of cleanliness.”“It’s necessary to maintain a certain standard of cleanliness even if you don’t live in a mansion.” The doctor patiently advises him, “Your mother probably has pneumonia or tuberculosis. With the definitive diagnosis coming out, we will know how to treat her.”“Thank you, doctor.” Matthew smiles yellowly.“She won’t wake up for now. If you don’t want to stay here overnight, you can come back early in the morning.” The d
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Chapter 08 The University Forum
Cindy is surprised to bump into Matthew. Matthew finds it strange how Cindy reacted.“What happened, Cindy? Did you think it was a thief?”“No, I just didn’t expect you here.” Cindy fixes her hair and clothes, afraid of catching the smell of fried oil even though Matthew has taken a shower.“By the way, I’m sorry for the unnecessary exposure,” Matthew says in a neutral tone.Cindy looks at Matthew in disbelief, “I don’t believe it.”“What?” Matthew narrows his gaze.“Are you still feeling sorry for me, worrying about me, when the main target was you?” Cindy says in a dismissive tone, “You know, Matt, I think that’s one of the things that make me despise you. You have no self-respect. You’re always thinking about the well-being of others.”Matthew is horrified by Cindy’s idea, “Did you want me to be selfish and insensitive? And then you go around complaining that men are no good? Did you want me to be like David Rocha? He’s definitely laughing in your face and helping share the gossip!
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Chapter 09 Hospital Transfer
Ricardo becomes jealous as Cindy’s friends insinuate that she should have continued dating Matthew because of the apparent influence he has with Abner Sterling.Cindy, however, recovers from her shock and laughs. Wanting to reassure her boyfriend, she brings her cell phone to her mouth and records another audio, “You’re crazy. Don’t you realize that I was the reason Mr. Sterling banned gossip in the university forum? The fact that Matthew was mentioned was pure formality. After all, you were talking about him too. And be thankful that my current boyfriend doesn’t demand any compensation for having his name involved in sordid rumors.”Cindy finishes and puts her cell phone in her purse, “There, honey, problem solved. Thanks to your influence, Mr. Sterling took matters into his hands and ended the gossip.”Ricardo, however, keeps insecure and severe, “Are you sure that the dean and the owner of the university don’t have a strange fondness for the poor guy? His name was mentioned first,
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Chapter 10 I HAVE a Job Interview
Matthew, in the corridor of Andrade Clinic, becomes suspicious of the origin of the call. But since the possibility of a criminal or swindler calling him is almost null, he shrugs his shoulders and decides to answer.“Hello?”“Mr. Silva?” The friendly voice of a lady sweetened Matthew’s ear.“Hello, who am I talking to?” Matthew smiles in disbelief. Is it raining girls in his garden?“This is Elaine speaking. I’m an employee of the publishing house Golden Letters. We’re contacting you for a job interview, as you left your resume with us.”Matthew is left open-mouthed and pale. Walter leaves Sheila’s room and finds his best friend stunned by the information.“Miss, there must be some mistake.” Matthew states, “I didn’t leave any resume at a publishing house. I’m a Business student, and—”“OK, I admit that your resume wasn’t for Business Administration, but for any available position. Well, we have an assistant vacancy.” Elaine tries hard, “Don’t you remember, Mr. Silva? We’re sorry for
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