"Who are you? Make it as plain as you would."

       They had drawn to the figures. He was quite sure that he had been sane in the first place. He had known that his rage had not been displaced. He knew what grasp he was up for. He was only thinking of putting up with his odds. Those were all he could do at that time. He knew that he would figure the rest out. He was just finding an excuse to use. He couldn't choose. He did wish that he could. He couldn't help it. He tried as much as possible to. Twas more than much for him. He didn't know what rage he was supposed to fleshen. Time would give up on him. Time would prune his rage. Time would feed him all he did want. He was ready for all he had been preparing for. His motives had been sharpened and his zeal was ready. He did tiptoe his ire. He would figure the whole deal out. He would make it into what he thought best. He would make it into the best

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