Bad eggs

Getting to school the next day, I keep thinking about last night and the decision I made. I don't know if I made the right decision or not, all I know is I'm gonna keep enjoying my life to the fullest.


There goes the signal for the commencement of classes. I have the feeling that this is going to be a long day, so I brace myself for the up coming boredom.

During break, I meet up with my friends for lunch at our usual spot.

"hey guys, what's up"

"Cole my man" Evan greets.

"hey bro" Carl greets briefly before focusing on his lunch. Jason on the other hand just nods his head as a sign of his acknowledging my presence.

Taking my seat beside Carl

"so what are you guys up to"

"nothing much, just a little running around that's all" Jason speaks, a little too quickly. Which was weird.

"whoa, that sounds fun... where? "

"why do you care"

"Jason!" Evan cautions.

"what? I'm just stating the obvious "

"well the obvious is certainly a bitch!" Evan says almost yelling at the top of his voice.

"Jason look, if you have some kind of problem with me just say it"

In response, Jason bumps his fist on the table before standing to leave.

"Jason!" "Jason!" "Jason!" Evan calls out to him.

"just leave him for now, he'll come around" Carl tries to defend Jason.

We continue eating in silence since the atmosphere is no longer conducive. After eating my lunch, I stood to take my leave but I was held back by Evan.

"where the fuck are you going? "

"I don't get fresh air maybe"

"look, don't be too upset by Jason. Okay? He's just being a total ass"

"yeah, I know. I'm not upset though, Just wish I knew what's got him so worked up"

"I know for sure that I don' you Carl? "

"Uh... um... no, of course I don't. I mean Jason doesn't tell me stuffs"

"Hmm, okay. I guess I'll go ahead then, see you later guys"

I leave the spot to go get some fresh air.

    I don't know why Jason suddenly decided to become an ass, but I do know that Carl knows something about it and he's refusing to tell. I could tell by the way he was fidgeting when he answered Evan.

   I won't bring it up though... for now, but I've got to know why. I can't just let this slide cuz this involves ME. I don't chicken out when it comes to ironing out the misunderstanding between me and my friends. I'm not gonna let someone harbor a grudge against me for what I know nothing about.

After classes are done, I make my way to Jason's class to wait for him so that we could have a heart to heart talk. I need to get answers from this asshole. I walk up to him as I saw him leaving his classroom.

"Jason, we need to talk "

"there's nothing to talk about "

"actually there is "

He stops and faces me with a death glare.

"look here Cole, there's really nothing to talk about "

"what the hell is your problem man"

"you wanna know what the problem is, huh! "

"well, hell yes "

"okay, about this,you having a sensual moment with my girlfriend last night,huh?"

"the fuck Jason, I had no idea that was your girlfriend "

  I didn't even know the guy had a girlfriend. Jeez, this guy is so secretive.

"oh yeah? "

"believe me Jason, I would never do that to you. And it's not like you've actually introduced a girlfriend to us"

  When he doesn't stop walking, I walk faster to catch up with him. Blocking his path, I turn to face him.

"you've gotta believe me man, I would never do that to you"

Looking up to meet my gaze, he seems as though he was thinking about it.

"okay fine, whatever..."

"I'm sorry for acting up" he let's out an awkward laugh.

  I just followed suit. "Dude seriously, is she really your girlfriend? "

  He put a hand to cover my mouth.

"Just between okay?..."

  I nod,

"We just started going out...about a week now "

"That's are you gonna introduce her? "

"Na, I don't think so"

  I wanted to pry further but I was cut short.

"about time you pussies made up" Evan says coming out of his hiding place.

Jason's face turns red instantly,

"you guys have been there all this while? " he asks nervously.

"well yeah, of course. We have to make sure you babies don't break each other's heads " Evan says smirking.

"so, you guys good? " Carl asks coming out of his hiding place.

"Yeah" we both replied.

"now that we're all good, let's go PARTY!! "

We all burst out laughing at that. That's Evan for you,there's never a dull moment with him.

Soon afterwards, we left the school premises and Evan took us to this club (don't ask me the name of the club coz I don't knowūüėČūüėĄ). At the club we met the same guys from the Reapers. And it turns out they were celebrating in grand style to mark the kick off of their operations in town.

After getting our passes, we enter the club. The club is not like your regular club, the decor is breathtaking with disco ball lights illuminating the place. No sooner than later, we get into the groove and party like no other.

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