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Najmeh Demir is a professional con artist from Turkey, she works with her uncle Shadow. He brought a mission which was supposed to be the last mission that he wants her to do before he retires. The mission was to steal a red ruby worth 2.3 billion dollars from a billionaire called “Rashaad Bin Ahmed” Rashaad is a petroleum business tycoon. He is a control freak and a perfectionist. Najmeh disguised as a maid and went to work for Rashaad on a mission to steal the ruby. Will she be able to steal the Ruby? Or will he find out that she is a con artist? Or will her feelings get in the way? Read to find out…

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I jumped out of a window from a thirty-story penthouse, landed inside of an infinity pool, swam to the edge of the pool and got out, I ran towards the fence that was in front of the pool, two men were firing guns at me from the penthouse. I scaled the fence and jumped over the other side."Where are you?!" I screamed at the small communication chip that was in my ear."Look to the east, you will see the car," a deep, manly voice said from the other end of the call.I looked towards the east side of the street. A black Lamborghini Hurricane with the doors wide open was parked close to a parking meter, I ran towards the car and got into the car. "Go! go! go!" I yelled.The man behind the wheel started the car and drove off. While we were on our way"You did a good job, Najmeh," the blonde guy driving the car said. The blonde guy behind the wheel was Bruce Peterson. He is a 27-year-old British guy from Manchester, UK. He is a technology expert, he is also an expert hacker.Bruce reached
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"Everything is there, seven million dollars worth of bitcoins. Well done Najmeh," he said with a smile as he gazed at me.I felt relieved immediately after he said that. I wasn’t sure if the bitcoins were in there. Good thing they are."Thanks," I muttered.He closed the laptop in front of him and picked it up. Then he stood up."Bruce, you and Najmeh did a great job. The both of you should go rest and treat yourselves nicely. I am taking you guys out tonight. Let’s celebrate," Shadow said with a smirk."OK, uncle," I said as I stood up from the couch. Immediately, I said, "Uncle." I realized that I had just made a great mistake. Shadow doesn’t like me calling him Uncle; instead, he prefers me calling him Shadow."What did you just call me?" Shadow asked with his eyebrows twisted together in fury. He was looking like an angry tiger that was about to devour his prey."I am so sorry, it was a slip-up," I pleaded as I knelt on the floor and rubbed my hands together begging him."OK, I wi
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"Yes, that’s exactly," Shadow responded."Our mission is to steal the ruby from Mr. Rashaad Bin Ahmed. One of my underground clients is ready to pay 1.6 billion dollars for that ruby, so we are going to steal the ruby and sell it off to my client. After that, we are going to split the money amongst each other," Shadow explained."That sounds great, but I don’t think this is going to be an easy mission," Bruce said in a rumbling tone.I also don’t think this mission is going to be easy because someone who has that type of money to buy that ruby would definitely have a strong security system. How is Shadow expecting us to carry out this mission?"Yes, I didn’t say it was going to be an easy mission. I know how hard it is going to be. That’s why Najmeh is the person that is going to carry out most of the mission," Shadow replied as he moved his gaze towards me."Me?" I asked."Yes," he responded."You see, I have had a private investigator spy on Mr. Rashaad in the United States. He has
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He stood up from my table with speed and ran away.I can’t believe such an idiot approached me at my favorite street restaurant. I just came here to have a meal for the last time before I leave Turkey. I continued eating my food.A couple of minutes later, I was done eating, I stood up and went out of the restaurant. I took a taxi home. About an hour later, I arrived in my bedroom. I went over to my bed and laid down. A couple of days later, it was finally the day we left the country. I was sitting down in front of the mirror that was at the side of my bed. I was doing my makeup. After I was done with my makeup, I carried my luggage from the bed and went out of my bedroom. Shadow had instructed us the night before to get ready before 9 am and that we would be leaving at 9:30 am. I took out my phone from the black leather trouser pocket. I looked at the time. It was about 10 minutes to 9 a.m. I made my way out of the house.I arrived at the driveway, I went over to where the black G-w
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We were having a meeting on the new identity I am going to be using here in the US and my new name. The next phase of Shadow’s plan is that I am going to go work as a maid at Mr. Rashaad Bin Ahmed’s mansion. A lady will be coming over to the penthouse later to give me a new makeover so that I can take pictures for my new documents."Najmeh, I believe in you. I know you won’t let us down," Shadow said, staring at me."I won’t let you guys down," I replied."Alright, I guess we are done having this meeting. Everyone should go and get ready. Once Mr. Rashaad Bin Ahmed takes delivery of that ruby, our plan is going to be in motion," Shadow stated in a rumbling tone.We all left the dining room.A couple of hours later, I was laying down on my bed, when a loud knock came from my bedroom door. I stood up and walked over to the door. When I opened the door, it was Murat standing at the front door."The lady that is going to do your transformation is here," Murat said, staring at me."She is
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"Let’s go in," I said, staring at my bodyguards.We all went through the front door and got into the museum. I came to take delivery of the Oasis Red Ruby. My mom had always wanted to buy the ruby, but before she could get the bid to buy the ruby, she died. So I made it my goal to buy the ruby in honor of my mother. I won the bid for the ruby at a sum of 2.3 billion dollars, and I had already made payment for the ruby after the auction. I came to take delivery of the ruby. As we got in, we ambled over to the receptionist’s desk. There was an old-looking lady behind the counter."My name is..." The lady cut me off. "I know who you are, Mr. Rashaad," she said."You are here to take delivery of the Oasis red ruby. Let me quickly go get my manager for you," she added as she stood up from behind the counter.She walked out from behind the counter. I guess I didn’t need to introduce myself to her. I mean, I am all over the news in L.A for winning the bid for the Oasis red ruby.A few minu
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"Your evening tea, sir," Sandra said with a warm smile. "Thank you," I replied. She did a half bow and went out of my bedroom.I stood up and ambled over to my couch area and sat down. I picked up the cup of green herbal tea and started sipping from it. A knock came from my front door. I raised my head and gazed at the front door. Then Mr. Benson walked into my bedroom. He walked over to the couch area and sat down on one of the couch opposite me. Mr. Benson is my adviser and accountant and also a good friend to me. He is the person that handles all the staff payments in my house and also the employment of new workers in my house. He makes sure that everything in my house is in order. He is in his 40s, has dark hair with grey eyes, and is an American."I heard you wanted to see me, Ahmed?" Mr. Benson said, with his eyebrows slightly raised. He is the only person that addresses me as Ahmed. Based on the kind of relationship we have, I allow him to address me as Ahmed."Yes, I wanted
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NAJMEH’S POVI was in a taxi heading home. I raised my phone and looked at the time. It was about 6:32 pm. It had been a long day at the famous Rashaad Bin Ahmed’s mansion. The house is very huge, even his garage is massive. I have never seen someone that could fit 20 cars in one garage. Mr. Rashaad checked me out when he was having a conversation with me. The guy that employed me, Mr. Benson has shown me around the mansion and the places I am supposed to be cleaning. He also showed me over to the bedroom I am going to be staying at. Rashaad Bin Ahmed is a very handsome guy, and I don’t think he matched the description of how I imagined him to be, based on the way Shadow described him. I just hope this mission goes very smoothly. I arrived in front of the apartment building. I came down from the taxi and paid the driver.After that, I made my way over to the penthouse. I arrived at the penthouse. I pushed the doorbell. Murat opened the door for me."You are back," he said with a smir
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Come to think of it, almost everything in the room and the house is mostly blue and white. I guess Mr. Rashaad likes the color or something. I sat down behind the desk. I gazed at myself in the mirror.I had removed the blonde wig and the blue contact lenses, before I took a shower. I had also locked the bedroom door, to avoid someone walking in on me. I can’t afford to blow my cover.A couple of minutes later, I was laying down on the bed waiting for Mr. Benson to arrive. He should have been here by now. A knock came from the bedroom door. I stood up and went over to the front door. When I opened the door, it was Mr. Benson. He was holding a well-ironed and folded clothes in his hand."This is your uniform. Once you are done getting ready, you should go and start cleaning the garage," he stated as he handed over the uniform to me."OK sir," I replied."See you later," he said as he walked away.I entered the bedroom. I placed the uniform on the bed. The color of the uniform was white
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“Diane, what are you doing at this side of the mansion?” he asked raising an eyebrow.I didn’t know, how I was supposed to respond to the question, why the hell did I just wandered around the house.I gulped, “I was just exploring around the mansion,” I responded.“Exploring?” he asked raising a questioning eyebrow.“Yes, I was bored in my room and I thought I should just look around the mansion,” I answered, I hope he believes what I said.“OK, I understand, but next time, make sure you don’t come around this side of the mansion, you could go and ask the other maids to show you around the mansion, but make sure you don’t come around this side of the mansion,” he stated. The three men standing around him were just keeping quiet, non of them said a word. But now I think this is the area he is hiding the ruby at.“Alright sir, I am very sorry,” I replied as I did a half bow.“No problem, you can head back now,” he said.I turned around and walked down the hall and head over to my room.
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