A new leaf......sort of

   "grrrh! grrrh!! grrrh!!! "

  My eyes shot open as the sound of that darn alarm. I wish there was a way to reduce the volume of the alarm, but then again it won't be called an alarm clock if it can't perform its function. I drag my lazy bones off the bed and quickly head to the bathroom to take my shower, I wouldn't want to be late to school since it's a Monday.

   After putting on my clothes, I head downstairs for breakfast. My parents were already out to their various offices so I had breakfast alone. After eating breakfast, I set out to school.           

     I've taken a liking to walking therefore I walked the distance from my house to school.


   "grrrh! "


  There goes the bell signalling all students to head to their various classes. Entering my classroom, I spot Jason and Evan eyes looking straight towards me. I walk to my seat and their eyes never left once.

  "hey guys" I greet them hoping they wouldn't bring up anything.

  The thing is, after the little event of that day about me ditching them, I've sort of been avoiding them ever since.

    I kinda made up my mind that I wanted to be a good kid and not be a bully or act like a brat, courtesy of my dad.

     He wanted me to be mature, but I don't know if that can happen because I'm just 15. Yeah, I'm fif.... fucking.... teen. And my asshole of a dad just can't seem to get that into his thick skull.

   "hey man, how was your weekend.... you know ditching us and all" Evan said.

(shit, so much for my wishful thinking)

  "well um, I'm sorry about that guys. It's just that I wanted some time to study. You know, with the exams coming up and everything " I try to defend myself.


   "yeah sure, studying my ass" Evan counters.

  "come on Evan that's enough" Jason tries to protect me.

   "you know what Jason, I don't get why you're protecting this chicken " Evan says almost yelling.

   "hey keep your voice down, you're attracting a lot of attention " Carl tells Evan.

  Just as Evan was about to counter Carl, our homeroom teacher comes in to make an announcement. After which the first class of the day starts.

  The day drags on as we move from class after class until the last one. Need I say that I wasn't paying attention to any of them because I was worried. Not for my myself though but for my friends, they must think me to be a freak by now and honestly I couldn't care less...or so I guess.

   The last bell rings, signalling the end of school activities. I felt relieved coz my friends don't share this last class with me but that feeling quickly fades as I remembered that they could possibly be waiting outside for me. I pack my things and head outside to face what I had been avoiding all day.

  Spotting my friends, I walk over to them.

"hi guys"

"Cole, you dickhead" Evan blurts out.

"to you too ass king" I playfully bowed.

"can you two not be childish for once" Jason cautions.

"sure dad, whatever you say " Evan taunts.

Jason's face turns red at that while Carl and I laughed. Jason is one of the rare persons I know who can't handle a simple tease.

"so Cole, you coming to this underground club tonight? " Carl asks.

"I don't know about that" I reply feigning to be in deep thought.

"come on Cole....you know you wanna come" Evan nudges my elbow.

"yeah, it wouldn't hurt if you'd just tag along " Jason finally speaks up.

  Looking at them, I couldn't help but to give in.....I mean, how bad could it hurt. It's just gonna be one night and that's it. I'm gonna call it quits.

   As I was being dragged by my friends, I silently hoped that I wouldn't break my promise to myself that this must definitely be the last time I let myself be distracted by my friends.

   Getting to the entrance of the club, we gave the bouncer our tickets and were allowed to go in. Once we entered the club, the sound of electronic music blasted through our ears. We muscle our way through the crowd of sweaty jammed bodies to the bar where Evan ordered us some concoction made of different alcoholic drinks mixed together.

  Taking one shot, the mixture burned it's way into our guts giving the fizzy feeling. The music starts to get louder in my ears and I find myself getting swayed into the mood.

   I drag myself to the dance floor and start moving to the beats. A pretty blonde walks up to me and starts grinding on me. We moved our bodies  in unison with the music being played.

  That's when I made my decision..... fuck whatever my dad says, fuck change, fuck being the good kid, fuck studying and fuck life itself. I'mma keep living like coz this.... IS LIFE.