A few hours had passed and we were still at the base. It was too good to be true that we had caught the mole, after weeks of endless search without any trace of evidence. The relief I felt in the van vanished when I saw who the mole was. Kelvin

I may not be close with Kelvin but we'd had a few conversations together and he seemed like a cool person. Plus, he was a huge fan of Nico, he always looked up the man like a role model, so why would he betray someone he claims to look up to.

After we had confirmed the identity of our mole, Nico had showed us the clues that led to his exposure for us to study closely. They were all pretty plain and looked staged, but why hadn't we been able to find them all these weeks we've been searching.

Kelvin was currently being interrogated in the torture room. I couldn't bear to stand and watch so that's why I left to go outside and get some air.<

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