Intermission (1)

     With those last words of Nico, we left a shocked Laburnum with a lifeless Kelvin, then we all headed back to our base.

We already found the person or persons behind the mask, but does that mean all these madness is coming to an end? I seriously hope it is.

When we got back to the base, Nico called for a meeting.

"well, it's been one hell of a week... we finally caught our mole, who sadly passed away this morning...." he began as everyone sat in their seats, somber.

"but the good news is, we finally know who's behind all we know where exactly we are supposed to strike..." there were nodding of heads to signify agreement.

"now, we're all going to go home for a long rest...we all deserve it after all the madness that's been going on... "

"so, we take a break today and we're all going to gather here tomorrow to start our plan

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