Secrets (1A)

"Cole! " 

"Cole?! "

"Cupcake?! " 

His teammates caught up to him just as he rounded the corner where they were. They rushed to his side asking if he was okay, but he was too shaken to make out anything they were saying, so he just stared at them blankly. 

Oscar had timed the whole thing perfectly. He knew the time Cole's teammates would get to the nearest area closest to his hideout. He had watched their every step from the moment he had their location pinned. It was easier also to get Cole there since he was still in the shock phase. 

They hurriedly moved him to the car, worry evident in their tense bodies. They worried that something terrible might wrong with their friend. 

The ride back to the house was relatively fast. By the time they got to the house Nico  was already there with a team of medics. 

Conny and Jeff were the first to come out of the car with Cole on their arms. They dragged a lifel

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