The Boss

  I heard someone call my name from my sleep. Opening my eyes, I see Harry trying to drag me from my sorry excuse for a bed, muttering words that weren't clear to me.

"Get up you big baby_else we're gonna be late for work... and trust me when I say that is not how I plan to start a new week"

"Okay okay, I'm up " I get up from the bed yawning.

  I drag myself to the bathroom to take my bath. An habit that never died even after four years.

   After bathing and getting ready, we head out. We decided to branch by our favourite canteen to grab some sandwich for breakfast as we were going to be very busy to eat breakfast when we get to the factory.

   We got to the factory with fifteen minutes to spare_and that's a bonus. We look for a quiet spot to eat our breakfast, after which we started our work for the day.


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