Golden offer

   Last night was like a dream to me. Who would have thought Mr Finley was actually a nice guy. Though I believe it was all fake but I'm not going to go into that now.

    He actually dropped us in front of our house instead of letting us get off at the nearest junction like we told him to. Not only that, he also got us takeouts for dinner. How kind of him,  right? I guess not, because sooner or later he's gonna ask for something in return. We're just gonna sit and wait for that to happen.

   We got to work on time again today, thanks to Harry who offered to be my alarm clock, and started our work. Harry wanted to finish up his work as soon as possible so he could go clubbing with some of his gang members.

   I'm surprised at how this guy manages his life. He basically goes clubbing four days a week and still gets to work on time.

   Anyway, I'm

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