Chapter 3164
Ivy handed the clothes to Lucas. "Go try these on and see if they fit."

Lucas headed into the fitting room, and Ivy waited on the couch, feeling content and buoyant.

The salesperson took the opportunity to talk to Ivy. "Your boyfriend is so handsome and obedient. I envy you!"

"He hasn't always been this obedient, but his temper has improved greatly compared to how he was in the past," Ivy said.

In the past, Lucas was her employer, and she was his servant. Though Lucas would throw temper tantrums occasionally, he would always end up listening to her so long as she stood her ground.

In general, Lucas was a reasonable person.

"You two have just graduated, right? You look so young!" the salesperson said.


"Would you like to check out a few outfits for yourself? We sell matching couple outfits!"

Ivy beamed. "Sure! Show me the couple outfits!"

The salesperson immediately led Ivy to where the matching outfits were. Lucas walked out of the fitting room, and Ivy immed
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