Chapter 3165
"Don't start calling him that!" Lucas protested.

"Hahaha! I have faith in you! Ivy loves you so much that she is sure to compliment you! After being separated for years, I'm sure her family feels guilty about being apart from her. Even if they aren't pleased with her choice of partner, they will let her do as she pleases. We can bet on that!"

"I don't want to bet. Just leave already! I'm tired!" Lucas said.

He had been woken up early that morning by Caspian and spent the whole day out with Ivy, so he was drained.

"Don't be such a wuss!" Caspian said.

"Leave, already! Don't come by my house again tomorrow morning! As a matter of fact, don't ever do it again!"

"All right! I will come to see you after your brother-in-law leaves, okay?" Caspian said.

"I told you not to call him that!"

"All right, all right!" Caspian said.

Meanwhile, Hayden and Shelly were walking out of the Taronia airport. Shelly held onto Hayden's arm and said, "When you meet Ivy later, please, whatev
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