Chapter 22: Luo strikes a deal

They then made their way to a plain area with a lot of identical buildings with courtyards and gardens separating each building. "These are your classrooms. For today we will be going over the basics of cultivation and then we will decide on what techniques to practice for each of you."

Fu Lin then went over the levels of cultivation. "First there is the Gathering Qi level where the cultivators first learn to feel Qi and then use it to enhance their physical abilities and as they reach higher levels they will be able to emit Qi from their bodies.

The next realm is the Qi Condensation realm where you will cultivate to slowly condense your Qi, make it richer and you will focus on filling your Dantian with the Qi and learn techniques that can give your Qi an attribute.

In the True foundation realm you can learn to finely control your Qi and techniques are practiced that will increase the capacity of your Danti

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