The Founder Of Qi Cultivation, Reincarnates?

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The Founder Of Qi Cultivation, Reincarnates?

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*Update schedule: 7 Chaps per week: 3 Mon, 2 Wen, 2 Fri.* In the God Domain, Cultivators were few but each of them wielded power that would make them known as gods. How did they come to have such power? By comprehending the laws between heaven and earth and became those very laws. But something occurred, a youth that hadn’t gained the acknowledgment of the heavens to become a cultivator chance upon Qi. Determined to reverse the bad hand faith had dealt him he started researching it and came to a shocking conclusion. The laws that the heavens prevented him from comprehending were swirling around in this strange energy! The youth thought that if he could somehow control Qi then he could defy the heavens and become a cultivator. Without any hesitation, he began researching more and found that the only way to control this newfound energy was to absorb it into his body. After many years of preparations, he did exactly that. However, he promptly died from the finger size strand he absorbed. Ten years after his death a cultivator found his journal and decided to further study this fascinating idea! Skipping forward to an unknown period in the future and a baby was born into a powerful royal family as the second prince. Upon his birth, this child had the laws of heaven and earth swirling around him. This sent the royal court into a stir, everyone thought the heavens had blessed the Emperor’s second son! But while this was happening, the baby prince that was just born saw the midwife conjure water to clean him from thin air using a Qi spell. Upon seeing this the baby’s eyes widen into saucers while a voice screamed hysterically in his head. “W-WHO THE FUCK STOLE MY IDEA!?!”


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459 chapters
The Maple Continent. A place where crouching tigers and hidden dragons lived. This might be proven true by the high number of prestigious cultivation Academies it had, however, this saying was mainly used to describe the situation of the Imperial Palace of the Li Royal Family. The number of high experts at their disposal made them the undisputed number one force on the Maple Continent. As they rule over the Maple Continent with an iron fist, their subjects would look at them with fear and respect. On an ordinary day, everyone would stare from afar at the enormous golden gates at the entrance of the Imperial Palace, not daring to approach and taint such holy ground. But on this particular day, a crowd consisting of people from all walks of life, from the old to the young, from the rich to the poor, have all gathered in front of the palace gates with bated expressions on their faces. Today was a special occasion, the first concubine of the Emperor was bearing a child. Everyone was
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Somewhere in the corridors of the Imperial Palace, the first prince named Fu Wei was running at full speeds to a particular room. Several maidservants yelped in surprise as he rushed by.   Coming to a skating stop in front of a golden door, Fu Wei open it and entered.   Immediately after he entered, all sorts of sounds came rushing into his ears, evident that the room was soundproof.   Aside from hearing people talking and the footsteps of people walking around the room, the most prominent one Fu Wei heard was the sound of a baby screaming his head off.   After entering the room, Fu Wei looked in the direction of the baby's cries and saw the old midwife standing over his little brother with a blob of water conjured from a spell hovering over her index finger.   "What's with the second prince? Is he already hungry? It's not even been long since he was born."   Read more
Chapter 1- Becoming Drunk, On Water?
"Server, one more over here!!"   A loud shout of a young boy echoed in the small bar.   What followed after was a large burp.   One of the three lady servers in the small bar strutted over to the table the youth was sitting at. She placed a knew full wine jug in front of him and took away the two empty ones on the table.   The youth who looked no more than thirteen, shakily poured the contents of the wine jug into a small cup, before he raised it to his lips and swallowed everything with one gulp.   His already flush face became even redder as he smacked his lips and said, "Good, good, good."   Licking his lips, the youth poured himself another cup and gulped it down.   The occupants in the small bar just ignored the youth as if this was a regular occurrence.   However, a quite burly fellow who was on a stool in front
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Chapter 2- Fu Wei You Bastard!!… The Celestial Academy’s Rigid Qualifications
Several meters away from the bar, between two buildings, the young man in the dazzling and luxurious clothes was standing in front of the youth, who was now caught in a multicolored palm. The expression on the youth's face was one of annoyance as he looked at the young man. After he had made his escape out the window, the youth thought he had gotten off scot-free. But who would have thought that the version of his brother, who had tried to capture him in the bar, was only a clone? And what the youth find more frustrating, was the fact that several more of his older brother's clones were outside, waiting in ambush for him to spring into their net. He had managed to evade his four clones, but his real body, which was in front of him, had cornered him when he was catching his breath and finally captured him. With the same annoyed expression on his face, the youth said, "It's not fair!! When were you able to conjure four clones? Your limit had only been two five months ago!" The youn
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Chapter 3- Shocking Buddha Himself… Ghuanyu’s Apprehension
That's why, despite having lesser disciples than normal sects, the Celestial Academy was still the number one cultivation institute on the Maple Continent, as all of their disciples were heavenly phoenixes and dragons. .... ... .. “Bai Chen, Human-Grade innate talent!...” “Ye Mei, Human-Grade innate talent!...” “Bai Wen, Earth-Grade innate talent!...” “Sheng Xuefan, Hu…” The voice of the Celestial Academy’s elder, echoed out as multiple children ranging from ages of 12 to 13, march up towards the large podium and placed their hands on three stone pillars. In front of the large podium stood several hundred boys and girls around the same age, who all had mild looks of nervousness on their faces as they heard the announcements. The Celestial Academy’s Disciple Selection Ceremony had started over an hour ago, and during that time, not one person was found to have a Sky-Grade innate talent. All of whom that went up with the hopes of entering the Celestial Academy, had their dream
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Chapter 4- The Strong Bullying The Weak… Assassination Attempt 101!!
A small commotion was happening within the crowd, as the children participating in the ceremony chatted amongst each other.   "That was the crown prince, right? I can't believe I managed to get a glimpse of such a legendary figure. Even if I don't get into the Celestial Academy, just this alone is enough for me to brag about when I return to my village."   A youth who was wearing shabby clothes only fit for someone living on the streets said with excitement and contentment.   Another youth who was clad in a luxurious fur coat, turn to look at him with a face that resembled someone who had just smelled dog crap.   With a disgusted tone, the youth in fur coat said, "A country bumpkin like you should be grateful that you even get a chance to see someone as amazing as the crown prince before you die. Trash like you shouldn't even be here in the first place, the Celestial Academy should just start restric
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Chapter 5- Old Habits From A Past Life... The Second Prince Doesn’t Have A Soul?
As Xi Shen was walking absentmindedly for a while, he suddenly looked up and saw the large podium right in front of him.   Slightly confused as to why he didn't see anyone, Xi Shen looked up at the Celestial Academy's elder, who was looking at him strangely, before he turn to look behind him.   Xi Shen saw that the group of youths had cleared open a path for him leading up to the podium, and was standing there, waiting for him to get up onto the podium.   Xi Shen was taken aback by this for a moment before a thought suddenly hit him.   'Oh right, I'm a prince in this life.'   In his past life, Xi Shen wasn't in the best of situations, the principle that had been embedded into him in those times were first come first serve.   As an orphan, he had never had people who went out of their way to do things for him or waited on him before. At first, he had found it
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Chapter 6- Think Things Through... Can't Be Left Alive!!
Without stopping, the stream of energy rushed towards Xi Shen's soul and began the testing process. Normally this amount of energy released by the stone pillar should be enough to engulf the soul of a person who hadn’t started cultivation, but with Xi Shen, the energy was having problems even covering a single finger from his soul.   The size of a person’s Sea of Consciousness was determined by how powerful their soul was, so the fact that Xi Shen’s soul was this massive shouldn’t come as a surprise when looking at his Sea of Consciousness.   This was great and all, but this was a problem for Xi Shen.   ‘Hmm, I didn’t really think this through. Ever since I started comprehending the heavenly laws when I was born into this world, my soul has been growing nonstop. Is this what happens when those cultivators in my previous life began their cultivation? I don’t really know what to make of this. After barring me from comprehe
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Chapter 7- Fu Wei’s True Feelings… A Roller Coaster Of Emotions To Pin Drop Silence
Ghuangyu was looking on with a sour expression that he was trying hard to conceal. ‘Dammit!! This little brat could possibly ruin my plans, he can’t be left alive!!’ As Ghuangyu said that, his eyes flashed with a dangerous light. On top of the plain pavilion, the crown prince was beaming with joy. From the big smile spreading across his face, one could tell that he was extremely happy to see that his little brother had a Supreme-grade attribute. However, that was all emotions displayed by him on the surface. What he truly felt within the depths of his heart, was absolute fury. ‘Don’t test my patience little brother.’ As Fu Wei thought that, he stared at Xi Shen with fake happiness on his face. His acting was so superb that it could fool anyone to think that he was extremely happy for his brother. Turnin
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Chapter 8- To Shoot One’s Own Foot… Emperor's Decree... Can I Take The Test Again?
Xi Shen quickly made his way to the edge of the podium, glad he could get back to his drinking, however, before he could get far, the voice of the elder called out to him to his annoyance. “Wait, second prince you... uh” The elder didn’t know what to say, this situation was too unbelievable. Just a few seconds ago, Xi Shen was on his way to becoming the talk of the continent for his stunning talents, but now, it was revealed that he... was complete trash. It didn’t matter if his soul and comprehension were at the Supreme grade, without a foundation those were nothing more than useless ornaments. Xi Shen turned around to the elder and said, “What is it? I have already finished all the stupid tests, what more do you want?” When the elder heard that, he became speechless. To him, Xi Shen’s words soun
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