The Witness : Anna's Pov
I met Sixto because he was my classmate in high school. He is kind, charming, friendly and respectful person. Many women admire him because apart from being smart, he is different from other men who prefer blind dates or gossiping. He saved my life several times when I was being bullied by students. We have crossed paths numerous times, and he has secretly helped me many times. Occasionally he would pass in front of me, and then he would leave food or a can of juice on my armchair. Maybe because he feels sorry for me, and he knows how poor my family is, so sometimes I come in hungry. However, I never felt insulted by him and I never heard any words from him. Because of his small and simple efforts to me, I can't help but admire someone like him. I can understand why other women likes him and why they admire him. But after we graduated from high school, I never saw him again. I heard that he was studying in a well-known university, while I temporarily stopped studying because I had to w
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