EVO-VERSE 1: the beginning

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EVO-VERSE 1: the beginning

By: Yusuf I. Jnr OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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Delve into the life of Jenkins Curtis, a clumsy space technologist who's had no dream other than to explore the space in a world aftermath world war |||. Would his dream come true or not?

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MARS 27 A.R Here lives us in the Age of flying cars, Robotic pets and Androids, holograms and buildings straight out of Sci-fi movies. A world built on, by and with Science, the new home of manki- *Whiz* “Watch ouuuuuut!!!" “Whoa....easy on the Flycycle kid!!" ".... I'm sooooooorrrrrryyyyyy!!!" *whiz* *whoosh* Almost hit me there, ha...kids. As I was saying, Earth, our most beloved planet was forsaken at the moment of Retribution.... I, the Author, unfortunately enough, made it into this new home world as they like to call it. We've lost family, friends and foes but alas, we live. We now live in a new world, a Tech-world, where days of mortality are now gone by. What do I mean by that? I’ll tell you. In a world where signs of life is non-existent, a place desolate and devoid of 'natural' Oxygen. Mankind, pushed to the edge, facing extinction that they so despair, had no choice but to resolve to a final solution, Bio-Cybernetic Augmentation. This is, however, by choice for t
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‡ Earth Year 3500 March 4th, Monday Bargon city, Lower Lands. "Oh my World, I am so late..... I am so going to eat Oatmeal this month, it's no curse." I couldn't help but admit fault with a tightened hold on my suitcase in fear and anxiety as I sat impatiently in a Maglev commuting train with my feet tapping loudly on the footplate. My name is Jenkins... Jenkins Curtis. I'm a young adult-of age 23, and right now I'm on my way to an interview. I recently got a shot at a top Technology Company and well, coincidentally I slept off 'dreaming' of me being granted the same job. Isn't it funny how hilarious fate could be? I mean, my 'Alarm', which is typically a part-function of a Home AI device that had never for once missed a minute on the clock was broken, today, of all days? Surely, this must be it, the age that life puts one in disappointment and sorrowful youth; where you eat oatmeal at breakfast and Beans for dinner, definitely no lunch. I'm, only recently, a Two Star-Honored A
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◌ Even the longest journey begins with a single step and so I took a leap out of the train. I managed to slither my way out the crowded Train station which is so far the cheapest means of transport after the World war. The whole World had been amalgamated and divided into two lands: The Low-lands and The Highlands. It was a simple hierarchy set up to distinguish the classes of people in the world. Undoubtedly, everyone from the Low-lands had to go by train as they were the only means of transport available at long distance. Of course, there were those with maintenance private Auto-mobiles but their numbers were at minimal. On the other hand, there were Transporters that commute people by pre-recorded co-ordinates in The Highlands, although there were Flobiles of different sizes and shapes on highways mostly for sightseeing functions. Luxuries basically resided in the Highlands. Facing the slightly congested highway, I decided to take a walk as my destination was only few blocks away,
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* "I-I~" "I know, I know.... whatever might have happened, I only hope you understand that it'll only be like this because it's me, if it were any other place, you know things would be different, right?" I realized I had no tangible reason that explains or justifies my actions when I tried to speak. Before I could make any false excuses, he cut me off and reprimanded. “I’m sorry" I couldn't only but mutter with my head lowered. I knew I was totally at fault as it's a general fact that actions bring about consequences. The blame couldn't be put on the Home AI device for malfunctioning, if it could, it would probably yell out loud that it couldn't break itself on purpose. Besides, I overslept when I knew I had important business early in the morning. Although, Sleep is an inevitable natural phenomenon, I absolutely have never heard any unsuccessful adult put blame on it, on the other hand, they'd confide in it. "Good..... Now take a sit." he said after seeing I wasn't putting
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۩ Hasn't there ever been a moment or two in your life where you get stuck between two choices? Then surely, you must know how frustrating it feels. Right now, I stand in the middle of the road between two cafeterias, both buildings whispering 'tantalizing' words into my deepest awareness. 'Are you sure you want to bail out on Derals’ special Chicken soup?' 'No, I wouldn't dare!!' 'So what about my Special Chicken Torte then, Dear Jenkins?' 'Eh? Eh?' confused, I took a deep breath as I took a step into the milk and butter-colored cafe by the right. 'I’m sorry, I'm really sorry.' I apologized to the other cafe I ditched and promised to visit some other time. *cling* *cling* The doorbell rang as I stepped into the Cafe with several Male waiters than usual and went on to take a seat at the farthest corner by the window. I didn't need to take a look at the menu on the table since I knew what I wanted already, even though I had never been here before. I moved into Bargon city just ab
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◊ "Ah...a good shower after a long day is the best!!" I gave my bed a longing look as I dry my shoulder length dark hair with a towel. "And what's better... a cozy night rest!!" I jumped on my bed excitedly and tucked myself under the Marine duvet. Staring at the ceiling of my room, I couldn't help but smile as I felt peaceful deep inside my soul. My thoughts drifted to the different scenarios that had happened today, thinking about the words of Mr. Sri, I just wondered what he meant with his words, but I was determined. I relaxed my muscles a moment later; I put it all aside and tried to sleep. Then a buzz-cut hairstyle with a masculine face that wore a big grin appeared in my mind... It was Dan. I felt a little bit sad, thinking about him as he had told me a rather depressing story of his life after he left Alvadore High. Apparently, Dan did not transfer to another school back then as I had thought, he had actually dropped out. Dan's family were slightly above middle-cla
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¤ Since everyone had faith in science, so be it then, It wasn't like I had any other choice anyway. After all, I was no hero that would go about saving the world. Not that I don't have the best interest of mankind at heart just that I was in no position. Moreover, there was already a last resort if things turned out unfavorable. Today, I had decided to purchase some quality clothes after taking breakfast which Roberta had ordered. People would treat you the way you appear, precisely the reason why it's best to dress to impress. "Roberta, can you make a low-budget quality cloth purchase on the net for me please?" I wouldn't waste my lifetime savings based on the fact that I had been employed, as I would only spend when necessary. I knew how valuable money was in life, it had always been the problem of mankind yet it had never for once been in disrepute as such act would definitely be likened to blasphemy. Humans are greedy and would never let go of the privilege and prestige that mon
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◙ The future is eminent but at the same time unknown as the present determines the future. Life is in a sequel as different actions bring about different results. The concept of Destiny and Fate revolves around the future, to show how important it is. But what if you could just defy all these inevitable concepts and laws? What if one could take a peek at the future, to see what'll happen? Wouldn’t life be smoother and easier? Time travel, the process of moving between certain points in time. Imagine you could travel into and fro the future and the past, wouldn't that be incredible? For instance, you were at an interview and the interviewer was so hot you wanted to hit on her, naturally, you wouldn't dare, but with time travel, you could go into a certain point in time where at that moment, you could see the consequence of your actions and maybe, just maybe, the interviewer might actually be what you don't think she is, in disguise. Time travel might be great, just as that, but it i
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۞ Responsibility, a burden carried by every human involuntarily, well..... It could be voluntary sometimes. However, it is inevitable to not be responsible for a certain thing in the world, as parents are responsible for their children, children are responsible for their education, orphans are responsible for their survival, and adults are responsible for their family and at their respective works. Everyone is attached to something which they take responsibility in. However, at the level of the whole world, responsibility is placed on 'gods'. In ancient mythology, Atlas was a Titan, an elder god who carried the world on his shoulders. Meaning, The whole of the world was on his shoulders, only he carried that burden. Now the question is, how heavy is that burden? How would you feel if you knew that the existence of every person, and every being on the streets, inside their homes, at work and various locations all across the world were in your hands, a mere human, when even a titan lik
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THE ACADEMICS MERITS IN THE WORLD SINCE 2500. Each field of study be it science, social science or Arts had been divided into different grades. The grades are added to the fields in order to identify what field and degree in academics a person held. However, as they move higher into the upper echelons, the field becomes signified into a general field which includes: Science, space, Art and Business/ Economy. The fields of Law had been put in a different profession with their own systems. Junior-grade: ◌ The lowest merit rank. Equivalent to a 7th grader. This was the lowest merit a person could attain in education in the world currently. This is the second or third year of middle school, and the first year of junior high school. Students are around 12-13 years old in this stage of education. At least, almost every person in the world has this qualification as enrollment into school until acquiring this qualification was free. Senior- diploma: ◙ T
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