I Became the Manager of the First Galactical Idols

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I Became the Manager of the First Galactical Idols

By: Sosin CompletedSci-Fi

Language: English

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Kaito Miyahara is almost done with university. Only one final project remains, one that he has been putting off for three years. If he doesn't start now, he will be stuck in university for one more year, something that will further tarnish his resume. In a future where a simple failure is enough to destroy your career, he can't let that happen, but he can't think of anything. Miraculously, he runs into Sanae and Risa, two girls whose sole goal is to become idols. For Kaito, the only way of making it work in the current world is to think outside the box. To think big. To think galactically. And so he becomes the manager of the first, galactical idol group: Blostars. — Edited by RedPandaChick Cover art by @retrosensei on Instagram Follow me @VidalSosin on Twitter for updates New chapter every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 15:00 UTC

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Stop Procrastinating, Star Projecting
What am I supposed to do now? That was what I thought as I walked out of the university. I was meandering through my last year and needed to make my final project, but had no clue about what to do. I wanted my own company, yet I never liked Business Administration. I had only chosen it because it seemed like the logical step to take in addition to that many articles mentioning it was a path that could diverge into many branches. Even if I didn't like it, it still could be useful. And there I was, aimlessly roaming around the yard. I was going to get nothing out of it, so I headed off of the campus onto the streets to take a refreshing walk. What was I thinking? The cars flying above me never let me concentrate. But there was no park nearby to escape from the
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After chatting with the girls for a couple of minutes, I had to leave because my next class was about to begin. I told them I would come back later in the evening. Not only was I lucky to find an opportunity like that, but the university was only five minutes away on foot. Transport and time were not going to be a problem. However, wandering through the Trading District didn't give me much confidence. It was known for being one of the most dangerous districts, if not the most. Police were rarely seen around, giving street merchants—or colloquially called Dreamers—a chance to sell their creations even though it was illegal to sell stuff on the street without a permit. No one knew why the district had been forgotten by the local government. Many theories floated around. The one I heard the most suggested that the government took fees from the sales made inside
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Café Glasses
I sat on the cold floor, troubled by how things were unraveling. Sanae and Risa sat in front of me. I reached for the glasses in my pocket but felt fragments instead. Oh no. I took the glasses out followed by many pieces. The slim frame was intact, but the glass—actually bio-polycarbonate—was shredded. Only a few bits still hung from the frame. Isn't this material supposed to not break?! This is what happens when you buy the cheapest brand… "What's that?" Sanae asked. "My glasses. I was going to use them to research idols and write my project's introduction…" "Aren't they supposed to never break?" "I bought cheap ones,
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Trail of Ascent
The only thing I had heard about idols was their astonishing popularity a thousand years ago. I didn't know what happened to them, nor was I curious about it. But, since I was going to be the manager of an idol group, it was essential to know about it. I skipped the first result explaining what an idol was and tapped on the article beneath. The website loaded instantly and I began reading. As I had heard, their popularity hastily declined over the span of a century. There wasn't one exact reason why it happened. Instead, many factors played a role. Morals, climate change, pandemics, and political conflicts between countries impeded their international growth. However, the drop that spilled the glass was the creation of humanoid holograms. Humanoid holograms had become incredibly realistic and cheap enough by the
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Friendly Coexistence
Before heading to Sanae's and Risa's place, I visited my friends, who I remembered had a Huma. We all lived in the same apartment block, so it wasn't much of a detour. Once I arrived at one of my friend's, I rang the bell by pressing the button on the panel next to the door. A tornado whirled in the room for a while before he finally opened the door. He hid behind it. "What's up?" he panted. "Hey. I just wondered if you still had that Huma—" He took his arm out to shut my mouth with his hand. What's wrong with him? Wait, is he naked? "Not now, I'm busy," he whispered. Unable to speak, the voice of a woman came from insi
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Auditions I
The girls queueing up looked at me as I climbed the stairs. A few of them seemed eager and nervous. Others were accompanied by older people, probably their parents. And some even were deadpan. They must be one of those people that show no expression when they are nervous. I walked into the building, where a few more girls stood in line before the door of Sanae's and Risa's room. Butcher stood still with his arms crossed next to the stairs leading to the second floor. "Hey, Butcher. How's it going?" "Good morning, young man. I'm keeping an eye on the queue in case someone tries something." "Did anything happen?" "No." "G
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Auditions II
A few candidates later, a redhead girl stepped inside. She was tall and wore a long ponytail. Her green eyes were behind a pair of round glasses. Her glasses are quite stylish. I repeated the same procedure as always. Her name was Aki Akane. She was a nineteen-year-old Japanese citizen. "Okay, Akane. Tell us about yourself." "Sure. My name's Aki Akane. I'm nineteen years old and I study Design at Saitama University." Oh, that's surprising. "How did you find out about the auditions?" "I was walking by and saw the sign yesterday." "And why were you interested? Why do
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The weekend arrived. Sanae, Risa, and I were nervous and excited to see the girls. Soon, the first one arrived: Celeste. She knocked on the front door and I received her. We walked into Sanae's and Risa's room—which was about to turn into a dance studio. "Thank you for coming," I said. "Thank you for choosing me! I don't have the words to thank you enough," she bowed. "It's fine, you don't need to." Sanae and Risa approached us, but someone knocked on the front door again. Akane and Adachi stood together outside. I thought Adachi was going to be late. "Please come in," I said. "Thank you, gentleman," Akane replied as she steppe
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Blo… what?
"It's not necessary, but it would be great to come up with a name related to our image," I said. Everyone stayed silent, thinking of a name for the group. "Let's call it Traditional," I suggested first. "Only one word?" Sanae wondered. "Many names of bands, groups, and companies are only one word." She looked at the ground, thoughtful. "What do you girls think?" "I don't like the word," Astra answered. "Me neither," Aki added. "Sounds old," Umi said. "Fine," I sighed. "What about Tradidolional?" Read more
Monday afternoon arrived. Half of my lectures had finished; it was time to eat lunch. I walked out of the Accounting lecture, held in one of the biggest buildings on campus, and headed to the cafeteria, also one of the biggest buildings. As I walked through the campus' artificial gardens, I kept complaining about any subject related to math. Sadly, they were needed to manage a business. I arrived at the cafeteria and bought an apple from the food printer, which printed food almost instantly. It obviously wasn't natural, but it had the exact same properties as a real one. Luckily, scientists invented the printer just before Midnight Zero arrived, the day the Doomsday Clock was marked to have zero seconds remaining until midnight. A lot of people didn't—or didn't want to—believe it, but scientists were right. The climate drastically changed over the span of a f
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