While I was standing there and watching what they were doing, suddenly some guards passed by my side and I accidentally overheard their conversation.

“It is said that an outsider entered the company, and many say that she is not just an ordinary person because they witnessed how she killed our security guards.” He said to his colleagues as they hurriedly walked out of there. That news not only reached them but also all those working here.

“What if she's one of us now? What if she gets in here and finds out about all this? We'll all be out of a job for sure.” The woman who was not far from me said worriedly, and I saw on her identity card that she was a physician. When I heard what she said, I immediately avoided her. I distanced myself from them while bowing my head. I thought I could avoid them, but I suddenly stopped walking when someone blocked in front of me. Furthermore, I slowly raised my gaze to his face, and then he looked at my identity card.

“What are you doing here, docto
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