I tried to approach the lawyers and prosecutors to tell them everything I knew about Sixto's case. But they refuse and are afraid to handle the case because of Hunter's name. When they found out who he was and how big a man they were going to fight, they retreated and push me away. It seems that they are all afraid to bring him down, but I will not stop until I find the justice to the death of his mother and the false accusation against Sixto. That's why through social media sites, I let the whole world know everything I know. I recorded a video of myself and told the truth behind the wrong decision of the court to imprison Sixto without sufficient evidence against him. But in order to make people believe in me, I also let them hear the conversation Hunter and I had about Sixto's case. Through this, everyone will discover how dirty his name is. But after I uploaded it, it went viral all over the world. Everyone talked about it and many were curious if everything I was saying was true o
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