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Every day brought this moment closer with the inexorability of a metronome, but still humanity was not ready. Neither the experience of previous tragedies, nor the tremendous work done for his own salvation, nor the simple fact that the date of this event was known long before everyone realized its inevitability did not save him from a wave of despair in the face of an inevitable threat. The countdown has begun, what must happen will surely happen, we will step towards the great cosmos and all its horrors, the only question is the price that humanity will have to pay four centuries before the Age Beyond.

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The congress to the ring stood dead, you can’t disperse it with any cracker, one headache and reciprocal swearing, breaking through bulletproof glass. And most importantly, why the hell did he drag himself here, to lock himself in the coolness and quiet of the office now, to resolve issues. By phone, fuck you, and then drop everything and drag yourself to God knows where in the official Gelendvagen, waste your time. And his time is precious!- Marat Zinyurovich, so maybe turn around through the region?Grimacing, Marat silently waved to the driver, do as you like.And most importantly, as much as I can remind you, he could not stand his patronymic. Dad was from the Soviet nomenklatura, the Union Deputy Minister, no bullshit. Everyone in the family hated him. For bitter alcoholism, for constant beatings. It was drunk that he got good, while on a sober bench he spoke with his mother and with his three brothers equally harshly, through his teeth. In the teeth, if it was impatient, he str
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Let the kid not think that he was so frightened by his announcement. You never know where he's going. We will discuss all this later, but for now we need to probe it and in more detail, as if it were really not the last time such an opportunity.I will leave you the last...Drrrrr!..Oh, what a day it is today, Marat hurried to find the damn vibrating alert in his pocket, but he had already died. Literally.Angrily twirling the lifeless Blackberry between his fingers, Marat limply dropped the device that had become useless, to be sure, crushing it from above until it crunched with his heel. He already knew how it was. The kid really did not like any electronics. Probably, he was afraid of wiretapping, but not only. She burned close to him only on the way.- Again?- I apologize. Hurry, completely out of my head.And why is he fawning over the boy? He decided to throw it anyway.“It doesn't matter, I'll leave you the final instructions, and this time everything must be as clear as poss
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From the outside, the city looked like a living being, a collective mind of tens of millions of minds merged into one common goal - to live, multiply, gather a supply of resources around itself, which later, or maybe here and now, can be spent on improving conditions for life, reproduction and further concentration resources. It is easy to guess that it was all just an illusion. There was no collective mind, most of the desires and needs of even a single individual in this city contradicted each other. Children interfered with a career, a career interfered with personal life, one cannot save and spend at the same time, and no expenses for an empty and formal in their temporality and chimera improvement of one's own life have ever paid off.People liked to mindlessly accumulate and spend money on nonsense. They could not even decide on who or what could make their life even a little happier. But the pleasure centers in their brains worked regardless of the wishes of the owner. Get drun
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Boulevard Saint-Germain in early May is especially good.The elms had already blossomed, sheltering in their transparent shade those who wanted to eat on the side table of the cafeteria, and the first spring rains beat down the annoying spring dust. Noisy Chinese tourists, of course, have not gone anywhere, but in the mornings it’s still too cool for the bulk of them, and what’s the point on Monday, after yesterday’s collective races on Cham de Mars, which is literally a kilometer away from here, to rise before eleven? Except in caring for the freshness of croissants, but it is unlikely that this public will be so worried about pastries.Another thing is if you are a doctoral student of Science Po, then such an early wake-up is quite reasonable for you, and this time there are quite reasons to change the usual scooter for the city for a leisurely walk three blocks from the campus to the native laboratory.It’s so quiet here except in winter during infrequent snowfalls, when there are
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Slowly, unhurriedly, imposingly, as in a rapid speed train, a flaming tire swept past him on a deserted pavement. The black soot rose behind her in a dense, suffocating wave, so that Gilbert automatically reached into his pocket for a life-saving handkerchief. A sweaty rag is not exactly a salvation from subsequent asthma attacks, but it's better than nothing.The first thought - to quickly return to the sterile recirculating atmosphere of the lab - was immediately discarded. The black failure of the silhouette is just waiting in the wings to return and swallow it headlong.What jokes, at such a pace he will not work - he will lose his last brains.The crowd, meanwhile, surrounded Gilbert on all sides.Motley groups in acid-colored driver's vests over civilian ones ran at him from clouds of smoke lined obliquely by the rays of the sun, ran up, shouting something about fair prices, and immediately rushed away, not paying any attention to the lost Gilbert.Their sonorous voices, to the
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I got the capsule by the window, but what's the point - the southeastern branch most of the time went through the tunnels, and I didn’t have time to catch the rare glimpses of night lights overboard, so as soon as the train turned behind Verdun, I immediately unscrewed the transparency of the walls capsules to a minimum, touched the pump sensor, which was burning with expectancy, and immediately fell into a dead drug sleep until the very arrival.The informant who woke me coldly said that it was already five in the morning, 12 minutes remained before arrival. Sleeping under sedatives is still a pleasure, every time you wake up refreshed, like after a cup of strong coffee, but your head is still plaguey, as if you were sleeping in an utterly suffocating room, and even in a wet suit.Turning off the privacy of the capsule and looking around, I did not notice anything suspicious. The first-class passengers fiddled with their briefcases with a displeased look, someone already, out of habi
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The blades of the aforementioned helicopters flashed overhead a couple of times, not at night, but the needles of the crowns and the glow of dawn on the scoreboard covered me reliably, and the helicopters were clearly not interested in me, but in the doppelganger, which was now taking them away from me further south, into the valley.Lord, where is the end of all this. My throat was gurgling, my ears were ringing, before my eyes again blackness, and my legs go forward only when supported by a vertically placed board, which successfully replaced my crutches.As a result, the house was drawn right in front of my nose. Dense, structured darkness in the very center of the field of view."Choose any entrance." It just now dawned on me.Two wooden steps rested against a symmetrical door - to the right and to the left. So you have no idea where I am now. Thanks for the tip.Opening the right door, I stumbled inside like a sack, rattling my mask against the floorboards and scattering clods of
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From the "Sluice-2" there was a queue of empty ore carriers, so they went on the farthest, either the seventh or the eighth descending. Novak had already forgotten how beautiful it was here. The northern ridge of Cabeus Crater rose majestically from the horizon as the lights of Shackleton's open pits glided below, and the hypertubes linking Shackleton to Haworth gleamed in the sun ahead.You will not find anything similar on external routes. There, Saul is distant, weak, and in general there is no activity - to look at the flashing light on the distant radar, the entire duty brigade comes running, and, well, tryndet on the air. How are you, traveler? Where are you heading?In general, this hungry familiarity after returning had to be squeezed out of oneself drop by drop. So that every oncoming outsider at the interchange does not want to clap on the shoulder and ask for chewing gum to get sober after yesterday.It is more difficult with the inners, the inners are all gloomy and, if no
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The interlocutor puffed hard, trying to take a sip of beer through the valve. You fool, land, you should have taken cider, with the moon gravitation with beer one hassle, and it's rubbish here, like everything local. However, the cider was also terrible. Novak took another small sip - the single malt was running out, we should have done more, waved the bartender to repeat, we live together - and then a familiar thought: on Matushka they understand food and drinks better than we do, that's something, but you can't take that away from them.“It’s easy for you up here to talk. The majority cannot get away from Mother anywhere. Lives as it happened, work where they give. And if they give- What, and imputed income does not help?- You're weird. What will it help, you have no right not to spend it, the rest burns out every two weeks, but what will you spend it on? For the same food, clothes, and that's all.- Not enough for you? For a sip of single malt - and thanks to the bartender for ge
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A storm was again approaching from the coast, but that was not the concern. Here, on solid ground, the gusts of wind smelling of rotten algae mats no longer posed any danger. Well, wet you again, the usual physical inconvenience was nothing compared to the threat that a storm posed in the middle of the sea swaying below you.When an unreliable support bubbling with hydrogen sulfide can disperse at any moment under your wet shoes, then involuntarily you begin to listen to every breath.The figure of a lanky man, frozen at the edge of a stone ridge, involuntarily swayed in time with the invisible surf. Left and right, sea rolling pursued the sailor even on land.Well, it's full. The figure moved away from the edge.Something the senator is delayed. Or even worse - he decided to change the flight route.Desalination plant - a couple of ticks to the west, above it is a no-fly zone, but to the east - take as much as you like. This is what bothered me the most.The figure moved its head fro
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