Nickel Coin : The Greedy Billionaire

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Nickel Coin : The Greedy Billionaire

By: Paroj-Paroj OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Nickel... Isn't a metallic element, but an 18 year old boy living in Nabe Median of the new world System. Carefree teenager, spending all his prices to all his wants and forget the needs after his race, playing sports to gathering all points and coins. Keeping his cool at all times, he's living the best of his life... until he witnessed a murder of an old man, who soon gave him 21 billion of all his wealth. Entered the real race of life, for the next thing Nickel faces is the danger and spine-chilling reality in the system that haunts his steps. Life churned. Through his perilous journey, what are the things he will encounter? Will Nickel go through it when he's all alone?

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"Rank 12," smirking as he sees his name on the ranking board. "Not bad."Sucking the inside of his cheeks, he looked around and saw his competitors brushing their shoulders for ranking higher than most of them.Boasting about their four zero prices from their bracelets. Holding that menacing smug faces and bumping over losers."Meh," pulled the collar of his jacket upwards, he spat on the ground. "I hate greedy people."The race still goes after another and another. It goes on forever without a stop. It's a 24/7 race. 30 participants a lap, and prices only goes for top 12 ranks. As for Nickel, he just won an easy one grand of coins in one game he gets himself in every single day. To buy what he needs? No. For groceries? No."Nickel, rank 12. Here to claim my price." Clicking his tongue as he winked at the blue haired cashier, Nickel did an akimbo."I see you still can't get your wheels in the top 10, Nick." Said Cashier, lowkey sneering over at his fresh presence."Cashy, baby girl. I
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Clock hands tick and tock, Nickel's eyes are set on the numbers written on his bracelet.That old man, he's not just some old man. He must be one of the richest man in the new world's system!"Oh, sh--" washing his face with both of his hands, Nickel's thought began to spread in all directions. "Am I going to jail? I'm definitely going to jail."Rocking his creaking chair back and forth, the tip of his forefinger keeps the sound of quick thumping at the same pace of how his heart beats.He just had an encounter of a crime. A murder!"No, you're not going to jail, Nick." Shaking his head negatively, Nickel took a deep breath. "That old man gave you his money willingly. You didn't do anything wrong!"Convincing himself while facing that broken mirror that sits by the counter. "And he said I should live my life."A small creeping smile showed on his lips, and an outline of plan began to crawl in every turns of his brain."Right... I really should live my life. And I promise you that old
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"Kid, you got to stop yelling or we'll have to take an action for that endless rattle of your mouth." A black officer pointed his forefinger at Nickel.Handcuffed, sitting on a steel chair with his feet tapping on the floor like he's some kind of a tap dancer. Only that the fast rhythm he makes is the representation of how his heart seems to hyperventilate by the second."Why don't you drink that water, and tell us all the truth?" Completely impatient, he's not perfect for this kind of job.Licking his drying lips, Nickel's in the brink of tearing up. "Man, I already told you. The old man gave it all to me, he even knew my name!""Then why do you sound so defensive to me?" Crossing his arms that made his well-pressed suit to wrinkle."I've always been talking like this." Placing a hand on his chest, he replied. "You can ask blue-haired cashy from the racing center. Or Shoto from the thrift shop where I buy almost all his useless junks. They know me!""We've already took them here for
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Desperate for a drop of water, Nickel swallowed his drying spit as he sat by the sidewalk. After running through the distressed riot, got tripped and took a beat. Ripped his jeans and skinned his knee.The only breath he took was when he finally decided to settled his bottom by the side of an empty road.Away from the asphalt jungle he lives on since he was born, Nickel could already smell the upcoming border to the Nabe Maven, where professional workers lives.That kind of smell it brings close that makes his nose to wrinkle from the use of too much fragrance, making him want to sneeze from a thousand variant of flowers that itches the hairs of his scent."Darn it," he scratched his nose using his forearm and checked his bracelet. "I am so thirsty."All houses are barricade way too high, very thief proof. And there are no free waters, neither fish ponds where he could possibly taste the precious water."I need water." Close to delirium, Nickel pushed himself up but failed to do. He's
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"Here we go, a nice lunch and a cup of chamomile tea on the side." Serving three plates and bowls of cheesebread, applesauce and the promised tea. Not a good combination, but Nickel doesn't know about that.He haven't tasted anything like these before, he was all just junk snacks and street foods and salty snacks and a lot more street foods. He doesn't even know the taste of cereals because he completes his breakfast with potato chips or roasted beans.Sipping the tea, Nickel winced from the organic taste that he wants to wipe off of his tongue, but hid it as soon as possible so he wouldn't hurt the feelings of the oldies."You should pair those with hotdogs." Roger, the old man, placed a couple of hotdogs on his plate and told him to eat up. "It's a good taste."Ate like a starved monster, Nickel couldn't express the satisfaction he was given, but he show a small smile on his wounded lips."You both are such an amazing cook." Exalted Nickel, causing huge smiles from the old couple."
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