Despite the chaos happening in that area, other cities are unaware of the virus spreading there. Until I just watched on the big screen that Hunter's father won as the president of the country because they thought he was real and a good person, but they made a mistake with their decisions. The day will come, and I will also prove to all of them his true mask. But right now, I have to save the people here first. That's why I thought of another way in which a shopping mall attracted my attention. We immediately ran towards it, but were stunned to see that the people inside had locked it, and they didn't seem to have any plans to let us in or save us at all.

“What if they are infected with a virus?”

“What if they're just pretenders, and they eat us all?”

“What if we all die because of them?”

I could hear people complaining inside, and they seemed to be debating whether or not to let us stay. I seem to feel anger at what they are doing, and at any time the people I am with now may get
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