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Inside the Milky Way exists another solar system similar but smaller compared to our own Solar System - the Concord System. Within Concord, there are three planets, each inhabited by unique beings and species unknown to humans. The Shkals, also known as the Dark Disciples, are collectively known as the Empire. These warlike and militarized beings who inhabit the blood-red planet, called Blimork, wield the powers of magic, fire, and the shadows. The Frosts, also known as "The Unknown", thrive in an icy-blue planet - Nitronia. These beings are peaceful but should not be underestimated for they control the dominant elements of their planet - water, ice, and air. The Elementals inhabit a yellowish-green and Earth-like planet, called Pyreon. These beings have the edge among the three races - possessing any kind of power within their capabilities. The origin of the Concord remains a blur. With the uprising activity of the Empire, the secrets lying within the Concord are slowly being utilized for one goal - Concord Colonization. The Empire considers their neighbors as hindrances and has started operations against them. Who can stop them?

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GLOSSARY: Envor - an individual's vitality levels in correspondence with one's power Malitan - the Empire's term for a city LOCATION: BLIMORK (THE EMPIRE) Malitan: Khaerina POV: TYROX DEZOKSIS “I FINALLY GOT IT.” HE MURMURED. One way or another he was sure that it is going to work. He ran from the throne room, headed towards the Sanctuary of the Wise Overseer. Echoing through the citadel walls are battle cries and sword clangs from the Assassin and Adept Faction who are training in the courtyard grounds. Tyrox smirked, pleased with his governance. A lot has changed during his rule. It will only be a matter of time until the entire Concord will be within his grasp. The clanking of his metal boots is the only one audible throughout the obsidian hallways. Reminiscing the past, he was the least regarded in the Dezoksis family. Everyone looked down on him and told him countless times that we would never inherit the throne. Even from the person he looked upon and expected to support
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GLOSSARY Malitan - the Empire's term for a city LOCATION: BLIMORK (THE EMPIRE) Malitan: Khaerina POV: LEA XIMIS Falling asleep has always been a part of Lea’s daily struggle. Her mind is always on overdrive. As a tinkerer, she always thinks of all the possibilities of weaponry. She thinks about cost-effective materials, how to make the product durable, and making it fit the individual’s preference. Her thought processes don’t stop there. Since she also buys ready-made weapons, she always attempts to reverse-engineer them. Once she understands how a manufactured weapon works, she then can integrate her own theories and upgrade the current weapons. She doesn’t sell it to the industry. She keeps those tinkered weapons to herself unless someone would strike a deal with her. Lea doesn’t go out of the house that often. She coops up in her room busy with her own world. She would only go out when she has to eat, buy some weapons or materials from Arsenal Wares, or when she
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GLOSSARY Aryc - Blimork's third moon LOCATION: BLIMORK Malitan: Khaerina POV: Lea Ximis Lea and Nemesis went back home. Nemesis carried Lea’s chest of materials all the way from the shop. They didn’t talk that much along the way but Lea enjoyed their short walk together. Both of them have been closely tied ever since both their parents disappeared. Their mother died and their father escaped Blimork. “I’ll be waiting out here in the living room while you go and put your stuff in your room.” Nemesis said. Lea nodded and then headed to her room. She put the chest down on the floor near her bed. She opened the closet, opened the secret compartment inside her closet, and retrieved her folding bow and a small quiver of customized arrows. Lea went out of her room and went to the living room. She sat on a soft sofa right next to her brother. In front of her was a plate of steaming meat skewers placed on top of the glass table. This was Lea’s favorite dish to eat every time her brother
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GLOSSARY: Estion: Nitronia's term for a city Crysalite: A crystal-like piece of rock POV: DAVE PANDIMUR LOCATION: NITRONIA ESTION: KHYPTOPOLIS (THE CAPITAL) “I’M NEVER HIKING FRIGUS PEAK EVER AGAIN!” DAVE GROANED AS HE MASSAGED HIS SORE MUSCLES Dave Pandimur. A pale-skinned man about five foot ten with lean body structure is outlined by his body-hugging rustic brown shirt and midnight black tights under the lightweight aluminum faulds. Dave has a chiseled face, snow-colored slicked-back undercut hair, rounded eyebrows, close-set teal-colored eyes, a straight nose, wide lips, and mildly calloused yet delicate hands. An apprentice in training under the supervision of the Supreme Frost Nathania, often called Dave, is always considered general by the public out of reverence. Nathania, the Supreme Frost, recently initiated the Elite Program and coincidentally, but unsurprisingly, made Dave the leader. What was surprising to him was Nathania only selected four frosts, appre
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