Eden Mills. Lost pieces of the past.

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Eden Mills. Lost pieces of the past.

By: Mari Angel Pain OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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Eden Mills, detective from Titan, arrives to Europa and meet Roxy Nelson. Here, in front of alive nature, he has a strange visions. It seems he was there in the past...

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2070. The pain in his head makes him wake up. In the whole city, it is possible that on the whole planet, this bed is not plastic and without a single electrical element. The lamp ran out of charge, so he had to sleep so little. The skinny guy stretched out on the bed and ran his hand over his face and short-cropped hair. Huge, disproportionate gray eyes squinted in the morning light. HISS-a home individual smart system, to which he gave the name Roderick, turned on. Eden Mills was British, there was British order and discipline in everything. At the age of 22, the guy has already managed a lot ... The morning begins with cereal, coffee and two "Wake up-24" tablets. They make his mouth sour. — Incoming call, incoming call...—Roderick repeated monotonously. — Accept...—Eden yawns wearily. — Detective Mills, hello. I'm contacting you from Hollis Center. I have a most interesting case for you. From a friend of mine who has already contacted you, I learned that the problems of co
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Steep ascents, steep descents - it's more like rides than a gateway.Roxanne ran as if the whole pack of hellhounds were chasing her. The cord from the charger fluttered behind her, the light bulb cries out that the device was turned off as soon as possible.— Roxanne! Roxy! Don't run so fast, there are too many roads around the corners! Heck!—Marcel was already breathing like a hunted horse.For some reason, it seemed to Eden that if the Frenchman stopped, he would die.It was as if something had suddenly knocked the girl off her feet. Roxy fell to the asphalt, there were even drops of blood on the stones.Eden picked her up and held her tight.Roxy tried to restrain her internal infected impulses by inhaling his scent.How young... What a sweet...— Eden... I just fell, it's okay...—she whispered.The girl got to her feet, looking into incredibly beautiful huge gray eyes. As if the clouds and the stars in the sky ...— There is nothing to stand still.— she said a little more sternly
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Tom Nelson didn't have time to slow down at the hospital in time.The jeep crashed into a fallen door and the whole thing smells very bad ...With an effort pushing the blocked door, the man looked around.Apparently, it's better to climb through the windshield ...His head hurt a lot from hitting the steering wheel.It seems that even this pain is echoing in my ears...— Laurel!— the man shouts.The wife's name echoes in my head.Removing the overgrown bangs from his face, Tom tried to get as far away from his car as possible.And just in time - the fire took care of her very quickly.Taking off his shirt, Tom picked up a bottle of water from the floor, soaked his shirt and made a bandage on his face.A loud explosion is heard very close.Tom closes his eyes so they don't get knocked out by some rocks.According to his daughter's message, Tom realized that the oins were very close to each other.Laurel was holding her hand over the wound in her stomach.— Laura... Let's get out of he
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Watching the house turned out to be too easy.Eden rubbed his eyes, looking up from the telescope.— It would be better if he just didn't invent this terrible device...—Detective Mills sighed.— My eyes are already hurting...—— You with glasses would be simply irresistible, it would be super. —Roxanne smiled.— I will not lose my sight step by step, my visual modules will burn out immediately.—Eden picked up the mug.— Not herbal?—— What are you, darling, I won't drink such filth and I won't spoil your stomach with it!—Eden laughed.— By the way, Rox... And how is our dear Marcel? You didn't ask him to work together?—Eden asked.— Marcel... Marcel is busy with his wife and work. I would like to be with him more often myself... Here we go again. Again we start behaving with each other as if we are strangers. I am... Eden... How do you feel about me?—Roxy asked.— Roxanne, I am... I love you very much.My whole heart is calling to you... It seems to me that I am always ready to look at
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