“I'll try to stop them. I'll find a way to get you out of here.” After saying that, I got off the school bus. Before I left, I turned to the driver, and he nodded his head as he repeatedly insisted on starting the car's engine. I looked around my entire surroundings and looked for a weapon that I could use against the zombies to stop them from approaching the school bus. Not far away I saw a broken umbrella and this is what I will use to fight them. Then I hurriedly ran to the zombies and then pushed them away one by one with the umbrella I was holding, and at the same time I was going to cut off their heads so that they would never live again. But with so many of them it was difficult for me to knock them out at once, however I will not give up because I am the only one they expect to save them. Kick here, kick there. Punch here, punch there. It appears that they are not decreased, and they are increasing even more. Until a zombie jumped out from behind me. I didn't notice him, so I c
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